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  • Sept. 14, 2018, 6:48 p.m.
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Still on Jury Duty.

In and out of the office.

Other days I have the kids.

I think my jury replacement was sick on Tuesday and was touching my chair because I now have an itchy throat when I’ve done all I can do to keep from being sick since last winter. It has to have been more than just drinking some beers and singing karaoke on Wednesday.

Daughter says she has a sore throat and went to urgent care for it.

My adopted sister and my baby brother are at odds and I am trying to stay out of the middle of it. I passed a message and got a heated response that I will not forward to him. he’s been blowing up my phone. On jury duty, I don’t have good service and so, I can’t get calls or messages and, well…he’s locked up, Not like I can call him back, right?

Work is boring and annoying. I deal with these needy ass people who’s only problem is picking out what shoes to wear today.

The more I’m on jury duty, the more I think I picked the right vocation when I went for a certificate. I just need to find someone who needs help so I can volunteer and if they need help on weekends. I need experience even though I know I can learn and get in the groove quickly.

At any rate, that’s about it. My life is nothing extreme right now.

I will try to get around to reading everyone. I can’t make any promises.

Oh. I went to the dentist Tuesday. Didn’t get the cost analysis from the very first visit I did, so I didn’t know I needed $60 for my initial appointment. I need 3 more. I was supposed to get cavities filled (that’s an additional $32 and some change PER tooth) when I go back for the deep cleanings, those are $12 and some change. I don’t understand why I’m paying top of the line for the high dental package, if at the end of my visits, I will eventually have to pay $411 and some change for everything I need done to my mouth. I was flabbergasted. I can’t make my next appointment until my current past due noticed is paid. ::SMDH:: I got a shot in my mouth and because my mouth had been stretched so far that when the Novocain wore off, my jaw hurt so bad. Teeth hurt that she hadn’t even touched. The way they did this was I got my mouth cleaned on one side, I was to pay for that, then go back to get the fillings. My appointment was supposed to be 2hrs. I got sent away with a dead face. Well, half my lower lip and my chin. AND she nicked my gum. But what I thought was rotting on a couple of my teeth seems to be some kind of barnacle. Don’t judge me. Not really a barnacle but something. I say that because it was the same on the side she cleaned. I thought I would be seeing roots or something, but it’s clean/clear and I’m like OH. It’s been ages since I’ve been to the dentist. I have the insurance, but was afraid of the cost. And it seems that I was right for my presumption.

Oh well… such is life.

Miss you all…

Kindest regards,

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