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  • Sept. 13, 2018, 9:54 p.m.
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1.) American right-wing political identity seems to be predicated on mistaking the Ferengi as the heroes of old Star Trek reruns as opposed to the third-tier comedy villains.

2.) Any song can be turned into a deep cut parody about Wookies by changing the word “Mama” to “Mala”. Kashyyykian Rhapsody, for example.

3.) When you vote for an “outsider candidate” for a high office, you vote for someone with no idea how to get anything done politically, no matter how good their intentions. Make your vanity celebrity candidates at least be on city council first. Christ’s sake.

4.) Is there anything more messed-up than the palpable disappointment by newscasters when it starts to look like a weather event isn’t going to be extraordinarily deadly after all?

5.) It’s a thin line between telling someone “Never Forget” and telling someone “Feel Guilty About Healing”, is all I’m saying.

6.) When you’re rejected in favor of a long-distance relationship with someone from Canada, you’re been Pretend Zoned.

7.) The fake president claimed that people who died in the Puerto Rico hurricane didn’t die, that their deaths were made up to make him look bad. Let that sink in. That’s how monstrous he is. That’s how awful this all is.

8.) Step 1: wonder what it’s like to live for your own needs. Step 2: realized that’s selfish and materialistic. Step 3: further repress your own needs.

9.) The idea of watching a broken David Wright pretending he can still play baseball does not make me nostalgic, it makes me very very depressed.

10.) (If God was actually on your side, you’d have better celebrities than Kirk Cameron and Kid Rock.)

11.) The NRA is admitting that there is no rational defense for its “Guns For Everyone!” policy by injecting itself into the larger culture war. Their position is morally indefensible so it throws itself on the mercy of the larger white-nationalist industrial complex for cover.

12.) I got warned on a message board for calling Tim Tebow a “bible-thumping cracker”. I’d better not call water wet on Amazin’ Avenue either, you guys.

13.) You can tell where someone lives in The Valley by whether they call it “Oriskany Blvd” or “5A”. Whenever someone from near Utica mentions Oriskany Blvd, I have to think a good 20 seconds before remembering they mean Route 5A.

14.) Getting away with just rewriting WESTWORLD but with dinosaurs was the kind of ballsy hackery that you have to respect even if you hate the outcome.

ExpatDiaries September 14, 2018

"10.) (If God was actually on your side, you’d have better celebrities than Kirk Cameron and Kid Rock.)" Dying.... ahahahaha.

Squidobarnez September 14, 2018


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