In Tears and Blood in Poetry

  • Sept. 13, 2018, 11:57 p.m.
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The celestial skies
Vanish inside the darkness
Of this monstrous night
In this tale of love and fright
The Moon
Has her own deceptions
When the sun hastily hides
In a place, no one can find

She is a divine gift
An ancestral goddess
Dark stringy hair
And the Moon romantically
Fades inside
Her dark liquored eyes
Absorbing the night
The stars envy and covet
Her precious skin
Feeding off her sin
She has a body
Aligned in perfect symmetry
And her rose petal lips
Moisten up for love
She thought she could only dream

In the past
Her voice
Shouted in despair
Separating the mountains and seas
Dividing her tragic heart
Lost in all their parts
Multiplying her dreams
Finding it as her only place to see

The passage of the moonlit skies
The stars reverie
Sheltering heredity
Restraining two tortured souls
On ice
Echoing a past
No one would believe
Even with the mirrors
They use to see

Snow decorates
The Earth’s soul
Time stops
And melts inside the scene
Just for our meeting to be
As she told me, “You are the one
In my dreams
So, carry my heart
Away from my troubles to be
Reproducing dreadful memories
For I will not
Let heaven’s jealousy
Steal our heart
For I pray
Our souls will never
Drift apart”

Then I said, “You are my one
The most beautiful angel
From above
And I was born
In love thee”

Our soft kisses
Touched the heavens
As our angels appeared
From hidden sights
Singing a song
In a language
Only our hearts could recite
This static feeling
Breeds love
As bodies become one
Tears rained from her eyes
And held them
In aw and delight
Telling her that, “Her horrid past
Is long and gone
Don’t utter
A word that was done
We are here and now
I don’t know
Where our love
Will be
In the times to come
Hopefully, away from this fog
I will hold onto you
Even if
You go to the depths of hell
I will be there
To rescue you
From the sins
That put you there
For this I truly mean”

You are my second digit
I offer my love
and nothing
Can stop our souls
To forever be amour
And when you arrive
At the perfect time
Romantic fantasies will be alive
Inside the shooting stars
Trapped in your eyes


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