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  • Sept. 13, 2018, 3:03 p.m.
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I finally got back from my business trip to Long Beach. I have never been to the West Coast, so it was an exciting change. The event itself went well, but I have decided I cannot stand one of my coworkers. I know that this is not the right attitude, but I can’t help myself. Just looking at her surly face gets my juices flowing.

We got off on the wrong foot, and it has not improved since in my opinion. I would like it to, but I can’t get over how pissy she was to start. I realize we are both opinionated people and that we both can be blunt and to the point. I have been trying to not say anything to her because I am pretty sure I might lose it, and I like this new job so far.

Coming home yesterday I was talking to my friend, and it got me to wondering it if was her or me that was the problem. We all know it is not supposed to be me, but I started thinking it might be. Scott told me that I (of all people) was overreacting to her and that is just the way she is. I don’t know, but I’m having trouble even writing this without getting a little pissed again.

I have a lot of anger lately. Anger that I did not use to have. I get angry at my family, friends, and coworkers faster than ever before. I know that life is short, and that anger gets you nowhere quickly, but I can’t seem to get out of this rut. It would be so pleasant to lay my head down at night and not be thinking about who I was mad at and how to get over it.

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