And I say goodbye in Poetry

  • Aug. 10, 2018, 2:15 p.m.
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The stars are just
A complicated mirage
Burning for desire
A passion breathing fire
And I will never reach
What the heavens
Hide in solitary peace

My eyes are silver
Trapped inside
The death of winter
A tortured soul on ice
As one tear
Foretells the story
Of my sacrifice

If only I had
A rose to smell
Just one last time
If only I had
One more kiss
Before I…
If only I had
Just some more time
Then I wouldn’t
Have said goodbye

Rejected by bliss
This life won’t miss
What it will soon forget
I’m just a grain
Of sand
Standing in a world
That will never understand
The secrets they hold
In the palm of their hands

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DevilishlyInnocent August 11, 2018

I did NOT expect you to sound like that. I expected you to sound...harsher?
These seems very fatalistic to me. Perhaps its me, but it almost sounds like a suicide thing.

Raphael Tiriel DevilishlyInnocent ⋅ August 16, 2018

I have actually been getting that a lot, lol. I am starting to find it interesting that my perception is a deception, lol, as in the way people see me versus who I am. Yes, my choice of suicide was to either describe how I would do it or the emotion that wants me to do it. So, I've killed myself a lot, lol. I am glad that you enjoy them.

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