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  • July 24, 2018, 11 p.m.
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One week before school starts and I am not ready, Dawn is not ready and the school is not ready. My son will be on his own for the first time since starting school and my daughter will be moving on to high school. I am not ready for high school and I don’t think my son is ready to be on his own.

Hunter has a good support team at the school. I have made some really good friends over the last 15 years and they have promised to keep an eye out for any issues. He has had a lot of issues with temper and stuff over the years and we have been taking him to see someone but I am terrified what will happen if I am not there for support.

Eliza will not be the same. She is going somewhere totally new and alien to her. She has spent 11 years in a small private school and now I am sending her off to public high school. She will not say she is scared but I know she is. We have our orientation next week and I am hoping that it clears up some of the concerns that I feel. I am so used to knowing exactly what is going on that being out of the loop is driving me crazy.

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