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  • July 15, 2018, 4:15 a.m.
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We created something…

Music videos are fun, huh?
Making music videos with two of your best friends in the world is fun.

I sure do miss you today, you know?
Can I just say that?


Today has been a long day…I have wanted to go back to sleep since the moment I woke up, but I haven’t slept even a wink yet…I should probably get on that soon though, I’m tired.

Here, I’ll just document my day because I’m lonely and writing and listening to Radiohead seems like it will help with my loneliness…so get ready for a lot of boring stuff, this is mostly just so my fingers can move…but I’ll try to make it as entertaining as possible. I can throw in some fart jokes or something?

Oh wait…I forget…adults don’t like “bathroom humor” as I keep hearing it referred to as…oh yeah, Dane…grow the fuck up, there’s nothing funny about farts.

Oh wait…do I hear another video coming?

Nothing about that is even remotely funny…grow up dude…grow…up.

It’s funny to think about growing up…like…what does that even mean anymore?
How do you grow up?

Today I woke up, and I partially wiped the sleep from my eyes, but I left some of it in there for good measure, mostly to show off to the other kids in class…I wanted them to see how much sleep I had left to absorb before I got there…
…two of the other kids bragged about how little sleep they got the night before…it made me feel like maybe I should have gotten less sleep so I could also be a cool kid.

We spent the entire day building an application as a team, it was some stupid app that took dinner reservations, nothing special, but it was still a huge ordeal to go through.

My favorite part of the day was when we got to go to lunch…it was great because we got to eat food and I try to eat food every day, so it was nice that I got to do that today.

…after class I was going to go take a nap, but instead I decided to go skateboarding…so I did that for a while, it was good, I felt like it was a very productive session, I got my backside 180 a little more solid, I got my ollie higher, rode around and just carved the asphalt for a while…did a few jumps off of some shit.

…after that my parents wanted to go get some early dinner/lunch so we went to this stupid mexican restaurant that’s not even good at all, but my dad had a coupon because he’s an old person, so we went there anyway…and the food was actually pretty decent, so that was a nice surprise.

And then I came home and I went out to go skate some more…and this time I just spent all my time grinding some curbs and jumping up things instead of jumping off things.

And now I’m sitting here writing this…and for some reason I thought that it would feel a lot better to write than it actually feels…so, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now?
Maybe I’ll take my anxiety meds and watch a movie and just settle in to go to bed?
Jesus…I miss you.

I’ll never understand it, you know?
Like…why, anything happens the way it does…I’ll just never understand it.

I still love you.
Even after everything.
If anything, I just love you more with time.
I hate it.

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