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  • June 13, 2018, 8:11 a.m.
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I managed to go for a bit of a walk yesterday, until the clouds came over the river and I got absolutely drenched LOL.
Gotta love how I spent an entire month in Europe, with maybe two small bursts of rain whilst I was out, and I come over to Perth and it’s rained pretty much every day I’ve been here.
Mother Nature, you cray-cray biatch.

Anyway, I was happy that I did go out for a walk because, as luck would have it with the weather, I looked up to realize that an impressive rainbow formed.

alt text
The irony that the end of the rainbow led right into Perth’s casino HA!
alt text

Of course, it never turns out as good in photos, but I loved how vibrant it looked. I then started thinking about how amazing rainbows are and how they are such an incredible part of nature.
I knew the rainbow wasn’t going to last long, and I hadn’t gotten a selfie with it, so I rushed it and of course I ended up looking terrible lol. i had gotten rained on, but nothing like I did later on walking back.
alt text

I’m actually drenched here haha.
alt text
Stupidly, I do have an umbrella, but when I looked out my hotel window that afternoon, I thought that it wouldn’t rain. How wrong I was!

This is the bitch that drenched me, yet again, later on lol
alt text

Perth’s so much nicer than I remember it 11 years ago
alt text

Last night, I had another guy over. This guy sure was interesting. He was taller than me, and reaaaaaaaallllly slutty. Like, out of control power bottom. He was squeezing me between his legs so hard, there would have been no escape, had I been fucking him. Ironically, I wasn’t. It just wasn’t happening. We fooled around for a bit and made out for a while, and even cuddled for a bit. He was going through guys on Grindr who he knew and who I’d been chatting to, telling me who the hung tops were and who the cool guys were lol. Definitely very what-you-see-is-what-you-get, other than when I was going down in the elevator to get him and he goes, “Oh I’ve shaved my head since that photo.”
I love how guys just conveniently leave that bit of info until the last minute.
Luckily, it suited him!
Anyway, so it wasn’t happening with me, and this other hung guy was messaging him on Grindr so I said he should go meet up with him. Him, being polite, said he was quite comfortable with me and he could either go get a fuck from that guy or he could stay here with me. I was just chill about it, and kinda wanted to big bed to myself anyway, so was like, ‘Nah, go have fun, he looks hung as fuck.’ He said he’d let me know how it went and he took off haha.

Today, I went to Freemantle. it’s only 25 minutes away on the train. Just thought I’d check it out. It has some nice places to eat and great signs everywhere explaining the history of it’s foundation etc. I thought that was pretty cool. Last time I was here, I didn’t get to see Freemantle, because we went straight over to Rottnest Island. But it was a bit cold and cloudy to go over to Rottnest again, so I decided against it. Oh well. At least it didn’t rain on me this time. I went home when it started to get a bit too cold.
Unfortunately, I’m not really friends with the guys I went to Rottnest with all those years ago. As far as I know, they still live here, but we’ve obviously fallen apart over the years. That’s life for ya!

alt text

I should have taken this from the other side lol, doh
alt text

This is Bather’s Beach, which used to be a bathing area back in the 1800’s. I’ve since learned it’s the only place in Western Australia where one can legally drink on the beach.
alt text

alt text

The lady down on the beach was playing with her dogs, which was really cute.
alt text

And I had to get a selfie with the local sculpture
alt text

That guy messaged me back, saying that the guy he went and met after me came as soon as he gave him head.
Ohhh no. At least that guy got off, which is more than I did. I shouldn’t have bothered really. I think it’s because I only have one more day left here before I go home and I wasn’t even really horny enough. Then I look on the bright side and think at least I met a pretty quirky guy.

Swanny June 13, 2018

Fremantle is gorgeous and the maritime museum is so interesting. Also the prison tour at night time is a lot of fun.

The river front in the city, where you've taken your photo is gorgeous too. Did you stop at the Lucky Shag and have a pint while you were there? Near the bell tower?

Shame you've only got one more day left. Cottesloe/Hillaries is nice for a day visit. So is the casino, lots of really nice places to eat. Or Beaufort St in Mt Lawley is lovely to wander up & down. Lots of bars including a gay one. Did you get to Northbridge yet? There's LOTS to do there too :)

kmh. June 13, 2018

Love that rainbow photo! So cool.

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