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  • June 12, 2018, 11:28 p.m.
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In about 8 hours i’m heading out to one of my conventions, origins, and I know ill have a good time (i hope)

But the anxiety level is at 100% today for a few reasons.

First off my mother, she’s staying out here until next monday cause of the weather and my house is better suited for her (Cause her house is crappy, more on that in a second)

She came out on Saturday and she was not feeling well, like she was struggling to move and breathe and all that, and while I think she’s a bit better now she is still struggling.
Which leads me to part 2, my brother. Aka the idiot. My mom had to rent a car (Cause hers is no longer working) to get to her place to feed cats and to my idiot brothers place to feed his cats (Cause hes leaving for the fabled canadas on saturday) And he said he would give my mom 270 bucks to cover the cost (Which by the way an “economy car” at enterprise is a forking 2018 Nissan) and he was being stubborn about it and while we were down there being beyond grouchy, and my mom was kind of in tears. And she needed a key to get into his house and he was being grouchy about that, saying she already had one, (she didn’t) and when we were leaving he realized he screwed up, and she didn’t get an apology or a “my bad”

Third, her poor house, she needs to get out of there (She will be soon, hopefully by the end of this month) its just awful. Unclean (cause she struggles cleaning) and too many kitties (She cant chase them out) and its just bad all around.

Now for part two! (oh goody)

my friend called me who is bunking up with me at origins, and apparently his marriage is in shambles (dude was breaking down as he was talking) and apparently his wife had a few issues with my mannerisms, and it sounded like that was part of the issue (i’m thinking like a couple percent at most, and I got the dont feel bad, which obviously makes me anxious 1000x more) and i just hope its not awkward. And my mannerisms were stuff like leaving a couple hairs in the sink (which i didn’t see) or leaving a towel on the floor in the bathroom after a shower (which i was never told what to do with them) and (TMI) some gas issues even though i try to stay away and pardon myself after, and apparently when i spilled a bit of food she was really upset (I felt so guilty about that the rest of the night) And i dunno. few other small things, she usually goes with him to the convention but she’s not this year, and i really hope it wasn’t because i’m bunking up. I dunno. Its just gonna be so awkward (I think) and my anxiety is 10000x through the roof now. That and I have to drive to Columbus. (yay 4 hour drive)

I dunno. I’m gonna have fun but it is gonna feel somber.



Edit: I forgot to add this, usually my mom as a thank you for helping take care of her/christmas/birthday gift helps pay for my convention trips, and until she sells the house she cannot this year, so I raised a bunch of money getting rid of unnecessary games and such (Cause moving soon = downsizing) and she has kept saying “Do you have enough money” and I had to keep telling her yes, but thats something like my mom does though.

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girl in recession June 13, 2018

It seems unreasonable for her to have petty complaints about you and have him relay them to her husband to tell you?! It sounds like she has issues of her own. I mean, when I have house guests, I just assume shit like that is going to happen, it's another PERSON in the house they can't be invisible!! To me it sounds more like her problem than yours

Ninja In The Wind June 13, 2018

Definitely her problem. Probably she is just trying to make excuses for things so she is attacking someone that her husband is friends with. She wants your friend to turn against his friend so if she had a problem he better have the same problem or it's over ya know.. I've seem that play out with my brother over and over idea really childish and ridiculous.

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