• May 26, 2018, 11:24 p.m.
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“How do I catch a monster?”
I’m probably one of the few girls
who asks such a question.
I’ll definitely startle
those who look at me and wonder:

“Why do you wish to be a hunter?
You’re a girl.”

Oh, I’m aware of what I am,
even as the world
constantly loves being a reminder
including warning me of the danger
of trying to capture
all the monsters on earth.

“Because I’m sick of being scared,”
I reason,
“even when the fight isn’t fair.
They may still hunt me down,
despite my hiding place,
even when I cover my face.
They don’t just crave
for me or somebody else.
They just want to feel more powerful
even beyond cruel.”

I refuse to be hunted.
They can go
as far as they wish to.

Still, I’ll keep asking
the same, damn question:
“Seriously, how do I catch them?”
These monsters will never stop
and I know
I can’t always get the protection
I’ve always been forced to obtain…

…even when they know
giving up my freedom is a pain.


J.E. May 26, 2018

Monster by author A. Lee Martinez. You're welcome.

author J.E. ⋅ May 28, 2018

Thank you. I'll check that out.

author J.E. ⋅ May 28, 2018

Thank you.

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