Bounce Back in The Truth (As I Know It)

  • May 21, 2018, 11:31 p.m.
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Thanks to a comment by a fellow PB’er, and the gloriousness of a perfect May day, I bounced back from yesterday’s blah-ness and am in a pretty good frame of mind today. Got the two lawns mowed and went for my first bike ride of the year this afternoon before work. Sunshine and exercise really are the antidote to my bouts of melancholy. I need to take advantage of the next few months as much a I can, and relearn the healthy habits that always seem to dissipate each winter. This winter really rocked me back on my heels- mores than usual. I feel like just now am I finally pulling myself out of the rut that I fell into- the same rut I fall into every year. Unless I make the decision to head South, this is what it is. I have to be in a strong place mentally and emotionally before the onset of the grayness and shitty weather. This is my life, and this is who I am. Instead of fighting it, I need to lean on the coping strategies that I KNOW work. Exercise, healthy eating, using my brain so it doesn’t cannibalize itself, expressing myself- being active rather than passive in my mindset.
Depression is ALWAYS lurking around the corner for me. It has been part of my life from my earliest childhood memories. It’s not going away. It’s part of me. BUT- it doesn’t have to define me or cripple me. I just need to be vigilant- more vigilant than I have been lately. When I get lazy, it jumps out at me. I need as many days like today as I can get. Forward....

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