wow. that. did not feel good. in 2017. got it.

  • May 16, 2018, 5:55 a.m.
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from the 25th;

‘ wow so apparently. i’ve felt bad over the last like. wk., or so. cause i wasn’t ok w/ being out and i’m still not completely. but. i’m bisexual. ok w/ it not ok w/ it. out gettin there. i’m bisexual. i’m a lot of other things of course but this is a big part of my life right now.

i felt. the last time i felt this bad was bc er when. i was going through withdrawl and that was a little over 4 wks. ago.

wow that. apparently did not feel good.

i’m i’m alrite i’m just v. emotional about all of this. oh wow.

it feels kindof good to be here. acttually. weird. wobbly. emotional. relieved. deep. kindof good to be here. been a long wk.

oh. wow. ...........just. wow. ‘

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