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  • April 16, 2018, 7:22 a.m.
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Things are going ok over here.

Work iss still STRESSFUL and i had a mini melt down on Friday. Just me alone at my desk, panicking, overwhelmed.
I REALLY need to job search more seriously. I cant do this.

A month ago i sent an email to my manager clearly stating i was overwhelmed and hunting at the fact that we need more peoole on this team.
I got absolutely no response. I almost went to talk to her in person on Friday but she was gone…

I don’t wanna seem weak but i also don’t wanna keep working like this.

Anyway part of my freak out on Friday was that i cant find the email i sent!!
Which is super weird cause i keep all my emails…

Soo this weekend was great. We didn’t take much advantage of the great weather but we did get outside. Sunday We watched a free movies. Ordered in. Banged. All that good stuff.

Oh i went to a purse bingo on Saturday with some hs friends to support a local shelter. We had a great time. I spent maybe $60 including the ticket to get in and won $25 back, which is great for me cause i font even care about purses. All my friends won something as well. It was a great time.

Now its back to work and I’m still debating if i should try and talk to my manger about my stress.

The thing is

I do customer service for sales reps
The client let go of a bunch of sales reps
So my job let go of some customer service reps
We have a contract of a certain amount of customer service to sales rep ratio
So scoring to the client we should be fine cause there are less sales reps and i don’t think we’re allowed too hire anymore customer service reps
BUT I’m overwhelmed
So i Van go to my manager ands say I’m over whelmed but if we aren’t allowed by contract to hire more customer archive reps then I’m complaining for no reason and Just making myself look weak
There’s more to this about how much i do as opposed to the other senior people.
The senior people do 2 big jobs each, i do 4 or 5 small things but i feel much mite busy than the senior people, they may disagree.
IF i complain, they may give the senior people more work to lighten my load but I’m sure there would be grumbling. I don’t wanna be hated by my team. I also don’t wanna be crying at my desk once a week from feeling overwhelmed.

I don’t hate this job. I’d like things to change so i can stay. I hate job hopping and starting over.

But i feel like i need to start job searching if they’re never gonna hire more people for this team I’m on.

What do you guys think?

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