Deception and Perception in An outlet from life

  • March 13, 2018, 6:22 a.m.
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He works in the industry… It was never this tough.... but now....
Sex, drugs and perception. That’s what he is around. That’s the industry.
I always new he worked around it but never did I ever think he worked in it. Oh naïve me.

Since I found out… since the “incident”.... Now every little thing he does makes me think. Makes me doubt.

I often wonder what he really wants.

He is pursuing yet an other venture. He wants to be an other phony. He works on his perception… He wants success…Fame? And all I can think of is why?

“I want to say I did it all” “for the family” “for the royalty”

And here I am thinking… does he want what the others have. Fame…Women…Money… Is he learning everything from them. Is he learning perception and deception.

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