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  • Jan. 12, 2018, 3:41 p.m.
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So I send Him a text asking how he’s holding up since his mother passed. He’s about as okay as can be expected. Okay.

This turns into him going on my Instagram and making a reference to a typo from the morning before. Basically, the conversation was innuendo laden as hell and I keep steering it the other way.

So I wake up at one something in the morning for a midnight potty break and check my phone. I have notifications from a few minutes before.

Him: (copy of picture) Sooooo, what you staring at the ceiling knowing you need to “get get” (eyes emoji)
I’m here to help…
Me: up for going out of the house for my job. Had to carefully word this because I know my audience. LOL

A.M. Conversation:
Him: (heart, face w/tongue sticking out, thinking, crying laughing emojis”
Me: Damn shame I can’t be basic. Always on guard nshit…(hard laughing emoji)
Him: So are you staring at the ceiling now? Getting ready for THAT work…
Me: I cain’t stand you. LOL
Him: I’ve been hated by worse. (wink emoji)
Me: Late night potty run turned into me reading about Frank Ocean. Weird.
Him: I love your randomness, Your afro, Your smile…
Me: I’m hella random.
Him: Your afro. And although it comes with a sting sometimes, your wit… I can think of a couple more things I love about you but I know my audience.
Me: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Aww…it comes with a sting? My bad. I was bullied as a child. Had to learn to defend myself somehow.
Him: Oh. I’m good. We. Good. Eating hot wings with cool ranch is for pussies. Gimme whtcha got. No, I have no pork chops in the trade. (I don’t know what this was alluding to)
Me: LOL.... But hot wings with cool ranch is just good though.
Him: (green sick face) You know me and wet condiments. Had to make sure I spelled condiments right. Had to…
Me: Yeah. I know.
Him: Well I need to get to bed.
Me: And I need to get back to sleep. Done reading about Frank Ocean. Rest well kid.
Him: You too Love…

This is a test of the emergency hormone system. And I will not go there. I have to see this for what it is. He made his choice. I will not be involved with another man who has someone knowingly. I’m done with that.

Next item:

Before this random ass circus, I got a text from my brother. Mom’s birthday is tomorrow. He sent me a message saying that he was going to pop into town to surprise mom. The surprise is he is bringing his daughter that everyone has told him he needed to get her here a long damn time ago. This was the baby that was made right when he moved out of town. She is the same age as Bubby Sr. born in December. I’m glad that he’s bringing her here. I can’t wait to meet her in person. She is such a pretty little girl. That’s all I can say because all I see is pictures. Otherwise, I’d tack on other adjectives WELL before pretty. So yeah. I will have Bubby Sr. this weekend while Bubby Jr will be with his other grandmother. This is a result of this thing I was talking about the other day that I’m not talking about yet.

Been connecting a lot with my sister’s children. I talk to my niece all the time and my nephew and I talk on Instagram a lot. I like this.

So that’s all today.
Not much fodder for the fire today.
It’s back cold as hell again.
And I mean FREEZING…

Kindest regards,

Key and Collar January 12, 2018

He sounds like so many of my male friends, haha!

And hot wings with cool ranch is amazing! ;) xx

Sister Key and Collar ⋅ January 12, 2018

He's a world traveler, he very well may be, let him tell it.
::smh:: LOL

Gilraent January 12, 2018

Oh my.

Sister Gilraent ⋅ January 12, 2018

I didn't mention that I set a text later in the day after his mom's body was laid to rest. He responded with a "thank you Love. You are Love."


And I'm staring at my phone like "whaaaaa...???"


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