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  • Jan. 12, 2018, 5:48 p.m.
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Silversun Pickups

I did not sleep well. I hurt badly, I had so much on my mind, I kept pacing and smoking.

Good news is that my “cold” symptoms have lessened. I think the fibro throws my entire system out of whack when I flare badly, I even have symptoms of a cold. That, or allll the crap I took yesterday knocked it out of my body.

I’m “training” my friend at the Alpenhorn today. The roads aren’t icy. I think the wind dried them up. So I’m going to show her the Friday routine there. Friday’s are usually easy days. I probably just jinxed myself though lol I usually make up any room that needs to be done (which is only one, if that, but you never know) Clean the common areas and the dining rooms. Oh and go to all the rooms to make sure they are ready… no bugs (damn fucking beetles are still getting in despite the temps) not dusty, put ice water in the room if it’s being taken that day… that kind of stuff.

Ugh. My wrist is hurting badly again. I did some stuff I shouldn’t have done again. But it had to be done so I did it. I don’t have any ibuprofen. I’ll have to get some at the store on my way to town. And bathroom cleaner. I have absolutely none in my bag. I could have sworn I had some in my box of supplies, but obviously I didn’t.

Eh. I better go check to see if I need rags and stuff.

2:33 pm

I know it’s the cold that is making my wrist hurt today. I didn’t do anything… well, I had to get a bin off a high shelf, that was kind of hurty, but that was it. It’s 23 degrees but feels like 11 with the wind. Personally, I think that number is lower. It’s fucking frigid out there.

Actually all of my body is achy with the arthritis. Not a fibro pain. lol I don’t know which one is worse. Eh, at least they’re not trying to battle it out today. I can deal with one, or the other (kinda) but when they’re both acting up together, just stay far away from me. I turn into a murderous whiny asshat.

“training” was fine. it was nice to hang out with my friend. I told her about the other clients that I have, and some of their quirks etc. I’m going to ask her if she wants to go with me to Client #1’s house on Wednesday if I’m not cleaning Client #2’s house as well. I want to kind of space these things out a little bit. I mean, it’s not physics. It’s cleaning. I’m more worried about her getting the stuff down at the Alpenhorn if she takes Fridays. With OCD man? Yeah. Gotta get that crap down tight.

gaddamn I’m cold!

Time for more coffee.

7:41 pm

My sister pissed me off on a fb post. I don’t know how it happened, and I’m sure my parents are totally pissed off wherever they are, but she is a Trumpeter. A fucking Trumpeter. How the fuck anyone in my family ends up like that is beyond me.

The post was of one of the people in the room when 45 said the “shithole” thing. It was someone who was in the room. Lynn left a comment saying “Witnesses?” And I bit my tongue and said “the guy who is talking in the video is a witness, he was in the room.” instead of saying what I really wanted to say. Which would go something like “You know what? Mom and dad would have disowned you for being a Trumpeter. I’m sure they were just as clueless as I was to know that you are a racist. Mom and dad didn’t bring us up that way.” so on and so forth. And yes, she has said some borderline racist things since 45 became… whatever he is (I refuse to say he is president). He has just given people license to be open about the hatred they hold in their heart. Drives me fucking insane.

She only comments on my anti-45 posts, though. Not anyone else in the family. She thinks she can still bully me around or something. I would so love to see her comment on a couple of my cousins posts lol omg her ass would be handed to her. hmm sometimes I think I’m too nice. lol I should just come out and say what I want to say. Just to see what happens.

That might give me something to do tomorrow ;)

See ya.

DevilishlyInnocent January 12, 2018

🌗 Leanne 🌓 January 13, 2018

My BIL voted for 45 and regrets it ... Screw you for voting for that POS. I have lost all respect for him. IMO if you still support that asshat you are indeed a freaking racist.

The cold does a number on me lol not that we get too cold here anyways it flares me up.

I am glad the training went well.

Gilraent 🌗 Leanne 🌓 ⋅ January 13, 2018

I don't talk to my sister much because she is a bully in the true sense of the word. She always has been. But her showing racism just blows me away. I just can't understand it. We were brought up with the same parents. They were loving, accepting and very open-minded for their generation. My dad nicely "kicked out" our neighbor who made some racist remarks while visiting. So, I just don't get it.

🌗 Leanne 🌓 Gilraent ⋅ January 13, 2018

My asshat POS brother is a racist scum bag. She Devil also had her moments sadly I grew up hearing crap about POC etc....

I have worked very hard to get rid of my internalized racism. No bueno when you grow up listening to racist bull crap.

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