Once More in Book Four: Ichi-no-Tani 2017

  • Dec. 8, 2017, 4:52 p.m.
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Today is a three entry day. Maybe more. And for that I apologize. But… it comes with what is going on right now.

Seriously… I have four things listed on my TO DO list.

(1) Finish Asylum Petition. Except… in order to do that, I need additional information. From the Chinese Speaking client. So I have to wait for one of our Chinese Speaking employees to (a) get that information and (b) relay that information to me. So… there is literally nothing I can do on this right now.

(2) Send a subpoena. When I was a prosecutor, this was a nice and even fun distraction. I would walk over to the Sheriff’s office, check in to see how things were going, and set up service. Now? Now I have to wait for White Boss to be (a) here and (b) available so he can write a check. Then I can take the subpoena and check over to the sheriff’s office, wait for them to see me, and deliver it to them. So… I have to wait on My Bank (White Boss)

(3) Talk with Chinese Boss about ARTIST Case and FANG Case. Now this is one of those tremendous and stupid issues. This morning, I informed Chinese Boss that I had very little to do today other than these cases. She hasn’t talked to me about it yet. I expressly reminded her today. Here’s where it gets fucked up. If I don’t re-remind her again… I’m the one who made the mistake since I am the one who wants this done. Except… and this is probably seen as unprofessional… I actually don’t care if it gets done. DON’T care. Her client, her freak out… I’ve already reminded her to speak with me today. I consider that my job done.

(4) Assist with an Interview. Poor bastard. Apparently, we are interviewing an old friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a decade. We went to High School together, had several mutual friends, and even swam together. This kid married a Chinese National. He spent a year in China. He is an attorney who has passed the bar. He speaks conversational Chinese. FRANKLY from my perspective… he is more deserving of a job here than I am! I talked to White Boss about it? White Boss disagrees. Says the kid doesn’t seem gung ho enough. Says the young man isn’t experienced with court rooms enough. I’m not going to be an asshole but… you don’t NEED someone out there grabbing more and more clients nor do you NEED someone out there that can go to court. You NEED someone who can speak with your glut of Chinese Clients, who can serve the Chinese Community, and can understand what a Chinese Immigrant is going through/has to do. Fuck… he is more Chinese Immigration Attorney material than I will EVER be. Give. The Kid. A Job. (And yes, I’m saying this even before we interview the bloke).

So that is my day. Thing 1 that I can’t do until Chinese Speakers help. Thing 2 that takes two minutes. Thing 3 that is all about Chinese Boss. Thing 4 that won’t take more than an hour. It is a good thing I already have 20 plus hours.

And this is… very Tiny Town. In so many ways. The requirement to be in the office. Being in the office with honestly nothing to do. Sitting around wondering what other lawyers in this situation do. Realizing that other lawyers do what 4 of the lawyers in this building are doing right now… if they don’t have court, don’t have an active situation, they stay home. Anything that can be handled via an e-mail or phone call can be done just as easily at home as it can be in the office. If you don’t have to be present at a specific location… just being there doing nothing makes no sense. And here’s the kicker. In Tiny Town… going to the building… doing nothing… that was easily withstood. (1) I was being paid for it. Whether I was working or not, I had a salary and that salary came with an expectation to be at my desk. (2) I was the Public Face of the County Attorney. If anyone wanted to pop by and ask for help, get assistance, file a complaint… anything… it was important that I was in the office ready and able to offer assistance. (3) I had a work computer and a work phone that stayed at the office. So, if I wanted to get any work that I could think of done… it made sense to be there to do it.
Now… comparing all of that to my present situation? (1) NOT being paid for it. If I am not actively working for a client on a case, I don’t get paid. (2) I’m not the face for shit here. The only reason to be here related to this is if my bosses get a wild hair and throw me some work. (3) My personal cell phone and personal laptop are my Work Phone and Work Computer. I pay for them. I pay for the device, the maintenance, and the service. So… I’m mobile as hell.

alt text

Well… I’m sitting here. Just… trying to find work to do. Then the Boss’ Office explodes again. LOUD SHOUTING. Chinese Boss. I’ve made out the words “trust,” “eff you,” and “you jus told me, you JUS told me!” shakes head. Seriously? There has to be a better way to be partners in a law firm and partners in marriage. Loud explosive arguments just… seems like a bad way to go. But that’s just my opinion.

Have I mentioned lately that I hope I get the Prosecutor Job next week? lol. I mean… aside from the above.

I’m trying a new mental exercise. Take the negatives of this job… and apply them, hypothetically, to the job I’m applying for. See if/how that affects things.
(1) These explosive arguments? First of all, the staff where I am interviewing is 40 people. If two people have these kinds of big arguments, there are 38 other people. As opposed to here… where if two attorneys are arguing… either I am one of them… or it is my two bosses.
(2) Working for Free on the Weekends? Not possible. Because with a salaried position… all work is paid for. So while you may not be literally getting paid for those hours… you are paid for all your work. Even weekends.
(3) Language Barriers. There may likely be a number of people in a Prosecutor job where I don’t speak their language. But as a Prosecutor, my client is The State. I speak my client’s language. If I don’t speak the language of a victim or a defendant, then that is a matter for our Police and Courts.
(4) Time Needs. Prosecutors do sometimes have to work long hours, like 6 am to 7 pm kind of hours. This is especially true for Felony Matters. But there are give and take circumstances. If, as a Prosecutor, you spend every day in early and out late… then you need to learn Time Management a LOT better. That is expected in Private Practice because it means Money Money Money Money. In Government work? 80 hour weeks are supposed to be the exception not the rule.
(5) Not knowing/liking the law/information I have. HERE’S THE BEAUTY! As a prosecutor… you need to be an expert on Criminal Law. Period. Full stop. OR (fine) Criminal Law and Juvenile Law. But once you know those, you can practice and get better. In my current firm? I have to know everything. Business formation, Immigration, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Juvenile Law, Contract Law, Landlord/Tenant, Etcetera. And there is never an “A to B to C” that you can improve on. It is always A to B unless C except for D but only if F and only if G interacts with H when I is present unless such time as J files K5 with L court on M day and.... yeah. LESS STRUCTURED!

SO… that’s that. Here’s maturity though: I know if I get this job that there will be problems at that job, too. They may be similar problems to Tiny Town or This Firm or they may be entirely new problems. I realize, know, and acknowledge that. But at the same time? Prosecutors Office plus 40 people? SOLID pay, Benefits, Staff… it sounds like what I want. So fingers crossed.
alt text

INTERVIEWED THE KID.... and still, I say firmly… HIRE HIM, FIRM! (They likely won’t).

I recognized the name, Facebook Stalked him to confirm. Skinny kid I used to swim competitively with. He didn’t recognize me at first.... but I don’t blame him. Last time I saw him, I was 17. 17 and 125 lbs with no facial hair and no gray hair. Now I am 33 and 230 lbs with a goatee and graying hair. Bit of a difference. But as soon as he remembered me? He remembered me. Like… he remembered my event in swimming and his respect for it. That isn’t as impressive as it sounds. There are 3 events NOBODY wants to do. 500, Butterfly, Individual Medley. If my mom had a third child, we’d have had that entire gamut. My older brother was the distance swimmer and I was the Butterfly swimmer. Anyway… the kid wants to do “a lot of different law”… is married to a Chinese National… lived in China for two years and did his wife’s immigration work to return to the States. This guy knows more Immigration law starting out then I do RIGHT NOW. And yet… they aren’t going to hire him… because he doesn’t have much trial experience. WHAT?! That doesn’t make any sense. Even if you are convinced that I am leaving… you want/need somebody in this firm who can (1) speak Chinese; (2) do immigration work; (3) understand and enjoy Asian Culture. THAT IS THIS KID. True, he may not be ready to tackle a murder trial.... but we are a “Full service law firm specializing in Chinese-Iowan needs including Business, Immigration, and Criminal Defense work.” I can do Crime and Juvenile with a little business, a little civil, and a little immigration. White Boss can do Crime and Juvenile and Civil with a little business and a little immigration. In other words, I’m redundant. The kid we interviewed today? WAY more important to the work this firm wants to do. Now… honestly… I kind of want to get the Prosecutor Job in order to create a whole in the firm that would force Bosses to hire this guy.

shneaker December 08, 2017

Sounds frustrating. Good luck on getting the job.

Deleted user December 08, 2017

Hope the guy gets a job at a better place. If she is hateful to you, she will be to him too .

Rhapsody in Purple December 13, 2017

i'm always susprised by the number of people who recognise me from high school. i always think i've changed heaps but they are all "you haven't changed!" and the last time they saw me i was 7.

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