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  • Dec. 7, 2017, 12:37 a.m.
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Things are good.

I went to the Packers/Steelers game a couple weeks ago, and while my entire body was frozen (the packers fan in me was sad it didn’t go into overtime the human in me was happy as fork that it was over)

That being said I took a crap ton of pictures (700+, 250 turned out good)

Here is the Imgur album:

I also went to a meet up the night before, and that was crazy. Seriously. I get there 90 minutes early, thinking id be golden. Nope. I order something, and find a place to stand and eat. When I do these people who were in for the game and they were bonkers. They were obssessed with how a PA person got into being a fan of the packers. It was crazy, these guys were blitzed. Haha. But it was cool. I got to meet Dave Robinson, a Lombardi era Packer:

Heres that picture

And Finally I did go out with Dayna (2 dates now, will be 3 next week) She’s cool:

A Derp and a Dayna

Ok thats a good life update.



Edit: On the football pics, Tell me which ones y’all like.
Thanks :D

Last updated December 07, 2017

ElvenAssassin December 07, 2017

Yay for date 3!

I think the photos you took were amazing! Little sad they get darker as the light began to wane, but I think you did great for what you had to work with. Thus the first few are my absolute favourite, and the very first fireworks photo!

LordJunon ElvenAssassin ⋅ December 07, 2017

I mixed it up with the flash and not the flash, thats why a couple were darker, the basic flash is really slow to recharge (I didn't bring the big flash cause that thing is bulky and I don't think they'd of allowed it) But the fireworks ones are nice :)

ElvenAssassin LordJunon ⋅ December 07, 2017

I'm in awe that all of them are nice and crisp, too ^_^ You really did an awesome job!

Ninja In The Wind December 07, 2017

Your pics we're great. Happy for the dates. She's very pretty!!

girl in recession December 07, 2017

You're lookin great, cute photo!!

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