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Omg I was TORN today as to whether I wanted to fly down to Canberra today for probably the most historic day politically in my lifetime. I was on both airline websites and hotel websites, SO close to pressing the ‘Buy’ button. I worked out that I could do an overnight trip for probably around $750 all up, but I forced myself to let the time pass so that I couldn’t get to the airport in time, and saved myself well over a week’s wage in the process.

I’ve been watching the live-feed pretty much all afternoon and haven’t moved. I even took the laptop to the bathroom for me. All amendments have been defeated so far and I think we’re FINALLY up to the last one, but who knows, they have submitted so many of them trying to discriminate on equal rights, which is what 62% of Australian voters voted for.

Each time, members have to move to either side of the chamber to cast their ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ vote for each amendment. Each amendment has been pretty ridiculous. Bob Katter’s speech was HILARIOUS!!! Like, holy-shit-hilarious. I knew he would be entertaining but that was something else LOL. It’s good to have some comedy is something as boring as politics. I’m sure it’ll end up on Youtube somewhere, such like his rant around crocodiles eating people in North Queensland lol. The people’s gallery were cheering and he was telling them to shut the hell up. So funny.

It’s been such a good feeling seeing the majority of MP’s move to the ‘No’ side to these amendments, and even more satisfying seeing each amendment-supporting MP getting more and more pissed off as each and every one gets voted down. On average around 83-53 each time. Thank fuck for decent MP’s listening to their electorates and FUCK the ones who aren’t.

What I don’t get is that they are worried about the legalities, but it astounds me that any LGBT person in their right mind would even CONSIDER wanting to give their money to a homophobic business. It’s as simple as that, really. They probably won’t even see a gay person because we don’t want to see them!

The speeches are still dragging on and probably will for a few hours yet. The speech is meant to happen tonight. The gallery is full and outside parliament looks like it will be a party of rainbow. Like I said, I was so torn and think I’ve worked that that if I had have gone down, I would be arriving at just after 7pm, which COULD be in time for the vote, but I don’t know for sure. I do know the party would still be going and I wouldn’t want to be in the air when the result is announced, which I probably would be. But, given how this live-feed’s been dragging on, it would even be announced after I arrived. But, I’m not. I’m having myself the dough, I’m comfy at home and I’m saving myself a fuckton of cash by not impulse-buying and going with my spontaneity. I wouldn’t know anyone there anyway, although it would be fun to party with Penny Wong and Magda Szubanski.
The live-feed is here for anyone interested https://www.aph.gov.au/News_and_Events/LiveMediaPlayer?vID={15D8CF37-ACF7-453D-91BA-83F4FD01DEBB}&type=1

I feel like we are probably less than 3 hours away for marriage equality in Australia, once all these stupid amendments are turned down and out of the way. Then we can see how the final vote for the actual Dean Smith Bill turns out.
And it’s seeming pretty unanimous.

And that’s so SO exciting! I’m sure I’ll update once I can see myself as an equal citizen of this country.

Edit: It’s passed. Only 5 members of parliament in the end stood on the wrong side of history, and they can probably kiss their political careers goodbye :)
This photo tells all.
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Looks like I guessed well. I would still be on the plane right now but I would’ve landed to a celebration :)

I feel pretty surreal right now. Something I’ve been fighting for since before I even came out back in 2001 is now legal here.

Now to find someone to marry me :D

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kmh. December 07, 2017

Thank you for the update!!! Arghhhhh come onnnn, let's just get this done already, bloody hell!

Complicated Disaster December 07, 2017

About time too!

Lil December 07, 2017

About damn time! I’m thrilled for you, while as appalled as always that this is even something people have to fight for. Celebratory hugs!

Lil December 07, 2017

About damn time! I’m thrilled for you, while as appalled as always that this is even something people have to fight for. Celebratory hugs!

Malduchi December 07, 2017

Australia continues to grow :) I'm sure it'll be on par with Scandinavia in terms of gender equality and civil rights soon!

Swanny December 07, 2017

Pretty special day :)

Fawkes Gal December 07, 2017

I was so happy to hear this this morning! Yay!

crunchie December 07, 2017

Yayyy I'm so happy for the people of Australia. Took too long but I'm so happy we got there in the end. Woohooo!!!

kmh. December 08, 2017

I'm so glad it's finally DONE <3

TommyGnosis December 08, 2017

I am so happy for you!!! Actually!

KissOfLife! TommyGnosis ⋅ December 09, 2017

Only a bazillion years behind your country lol, but thankyou darling :)

Wranglingal December 09, 2017

About time, I am so happy for you and I wish / pray for you finding that special one in your future!

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