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  • Nov. 14, 2017, 10:18 a.m.
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Y’all. Thank you for being my voice of reason on days that my own brain can’t. You guys basically were right saying that I shouldn’t let a possible error on the receptionist’s part sever the tie between my my therapist and myself if I felt that strongly about the quality of therapy she provided.

So I called again this morning, and this time I got a real, live person. The person who answered said “last we heard, she was saying she was going to start in January”.


I wish I could take 3 months off work. All jealousy aside, at least I’m a little more informed now. They said they will most likely start taking appt for her in dec. but the way the receptionist was talking, it sounded like they hadn’t heard from her in awhile.

So now we have to decide if I want to wait it out and see if she does in fact start in January or just go ahead and start with someone new in the meantime and see if I like the new person enough to just stay with them. Or start with a new person now and then go back to my old one in January.

But I do want to thank you guys for the notes yesterday. Feel free to continue sharing your wisdom.

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