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  • Oct. 12, 2017, 12:29 p.m.
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Man, there was some fuckin CHINA-TIER air here yesterday.
It doesn’t look bad out right now, but yesterday afternoon, it was like literal smog.
It’s funny, with all the environmental regulations and emission laws in this state you’d expect us to have CLEAN air, but here we are.
How the hell is half the state still on fire when we’re already out of summer, anyway?
Me? I’m fine. Haha, ok, I lied, but atleast I’m still alive, right?
How are YOU, though? Huh? We-, we uh don’t cover that enough.
Don’t be shy about sharing, ok? You’re among friends here. This is a no-judgement zone.
Sphere of acceptance, place of happy feelings, yadda yadda hey, etc…
Alright, wait, nevermind, there is such a thing as sharing too much.
Did you know in my life, I’ve had 2 people confess to me they partook in incest?
Like, what the fuck? Why do I need to know you banged your older sister?
I mean, I can kind of see the appeal if it’s one of those vietnamese flipbooks, but irl?

Shoingyboingy October 12, 2017

You are like the incest whisperer.

Paper Cut Scenario October 12, 2017

I'm surprised there isn't a novel out there called "The Girl Who Banged Her Brother."

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