Came To My Senses in meh...

  • Oct. 12, 2017, 7:41 a.m.
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Well not me.

Got a text from MR last night admitting to the lack of preparedness. She doesn’t want to be booed at her own event. Lol

For all the fussing, I was still willing to go along and if she called me next week and said let’s do something else at some other time, I would still do it. That’s who I am. I told her we’ve known each other since we were 11 and she moved down the street. We are cemented. I mean that.

Yes, I am hot headed and quick to write people off, but if I can take and except your mess, you can embrace that I have no happy medium. I either care too much or I don’t care at all. Plain and simple. If I’m ever in the middle on something, it’s because I have conflicted feelings and the whole notion of cognitive dissonance is on the precipice of what’s in my head.

But, I digress.

I am listening to a new podcast called Sworn. Of course it’s about law and order and murder cases and inner workings of the justice system.

I’m still hibernating after this Saturday.

Have a wonderful day.

Kindest regards,

Gilraent October 12, 2017

Hibernation is sometimes needed.
Sister Gilraent ⋅ October 12, 2017

Very much. No dates, no invites, no Facebook, no people who don't want to be bothered. I'm done. I'm trying to save up for a car and have enough to cover insurance, registration, all of that.
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