What a good man does in All other relationships

  • Jan. 31, 2014, 5:52 p.m.
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I happened to whine to Lou about how sad I was that OD was shutting down. He was as sweet as he ever is when I told him about that. I also posted about it on FB. There were two people on FB who commented on that post, telling me that I can always talk to them. I was just so touched by that, considering that they were people that I care about but not nec. people who I would have thought would be so caring about something like that.
Lou sent me an email today (several days after I told him about this) with a youtube link to the Alicia Keys video "Diary". He said it was one of his fav's. I played it and I was soooooo touched by that. It was so very sweet. Considering how closely I connect to music to begin with and how closely related that song is to my feelings about OD closing, I just could not get over how thoughtful that was of Lou!!! It is so refreshing to finally be with a man who puts that kind of thought into me. I know George was like that with his gf and I was always kind of jealous of that. I wished he was like that with me. Now I have a man who does do that for me. I have always felt really blessed. Now I feel blessed even more!

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