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  • Aug. 12, 2017, 11:49 p.m.
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This artichoke going to seed is up on the Portland State campus in front of the iconic Shattuck School building from 1914. I took this a few days ago. My mother was born in 1914 and it feels like a whole different world out there now.

Well, except for the sexism, racism and popular nationalism.

For gosh sakes; WW1 started in the year 1914. A generation has passed to the point where we are sentimentalizing that time period.

Today Mrs. Sherlock and I walked by a brand new beautiful blue Tesla charging in a parking garage up on our campus. She indulged me the opportunity to hike a couple of the trails in the woodland up behind where I live and work connecting the place we hiked a couple of weeks ago where the radio tower is.

Even though all of this is a couple of miles from my place there is no way I would hike those trails by myself.

Both my mother and father would be pleased and excited that the cost of solar energy has come down so much and that car batteries have been developed that allow one to have a completely electric car. In the late sixties one of our family treasures was a solar powered portable radio that we put out on the driveway by the garage so we could listen to baseball games while washing the car and doing chores.

WW1. Before nuclear weapons.

And a Dementor lodged in the White House, a.k.a. a private golf course in New Jersey.

It is a lovely warm afternoon and the air quality while not pristine is breathable.
I have chores to do but think I am going to take a nap instead.

Diego, who is leaning up against my hip having a bath is on board with that.

The pears are starting to ripen on the trees out back.

The rain is supposed to move in right around the time the bars close. I hope folks take care as after two months with no rain at all the roads will be slick.

No matter what kind of car one drives.

woman in the moon August 12, 2017

My mother was born in 1913. You must have been a late baby - my mother was 33 when I was born and I know you are much younger than I am.
Glad the air is better and glad there is rain.

noko woman in the moon ⋅ August 13, 2017

Yep. My mother was one month shy of 41 when I was born. I loved her but thought the young mothers were unbelievably cool.

edna million noko ⋅ August 18, 2017

My parents were in their mid-30s when I was born, and I am the oldest. I still remember realizing that my parents were WAY older than everyone else's parents! Oddly it seems like all my best friends- including Mark -had older parents. His mom was 40 or 41 when he was born.

Zenith August 14, 2017

I didn't know artichoke flowers were such a beautiful colour!

Fire and Ice August 18, 2017

It's strange to have these things flare up again - ideas one thought would be left in the past. I guess everything does come in circles. It's a heavy thought.

Deleted user August 18, 2017

Artichokes don't grow well here or cardoon . They are both pretty plants. I would love to have an electric car and I read Tesla has now designed a solar " box" that will power your entire house ; however the costs to buy such things make them still prohibitive except for the very rich :-(
My Mom was only 19 when I was born and she was not maternal at all. But then she never was so I doubt age had any bearing on it . I was 18 when Josh was born. It took me a little while to catch on but the " Mothering" instinct kicked in quickly . Nurturing is an inate part of my personality but it is not so for all people.

edna million August 18, 2017

What a pretty artichoke! I had no idea they looked like that when they flower. I thought at first it was a thistle.

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