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  • April 20, 2017, 9:12 p.m.
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I find it rather hilarious that was I blocked from a homemaking page on Facebook. It has a vintage-theme and when I first found it, I was really enchanted by it. Loads of vintage looking photos and plenty of homey stuff like recipes, talk about decorating, gardening, etc. But after awhile I started to find it rather cloying and some of the women a little robotic in their quest to emulate “good vintage housewives”. Collecting Pyrex seems to be an obsession with them. Not the really nice, new Pyrex but the old-fashioned stuff that was popular years ago and frankly, just reminds me of someone’s dreary old kitchen. I have one or two old pieces of my mom’s that I treasure, but I’m not about to drag every piece I find in thrift stores home with me to clutter up my shelves. There are lots of younger women who take selfies with “vintage” hairstyles and makeup and will ask, “What yall’s think?” (Apparently they don’t know how to type or use good grammar.) I really rolled my eyes at comments like, “What kind of nightwear do you ladies like that is modest enough to wear around the house before bedtime but that is still pleasing to your spouse?” Seriously?????

I could scroll past the goofy selfies and equally goofy statements, but the “rules” by the admins became oppressive. I’ve never seen a page with so much policing and warnings about what is and isn’t allowed. What brought my dissatisfaction to a head were statements on one thread by Admins saying they had “deleted comments” because they weren’t complimentary. And another new “rule” was if you posted a food picture, you HAD to supply the recipe or it would be deleted. I couldn’t take it anymore and should have just quietly left the group, but I had to post a comment (that I knew would not be approved for posting). I just said I had really enjoyed the group for awhile but the admins had become oppressive with all the rules and decided to leave. Of course once I sent my message and clicked “leave group” I couldn’t see the page anymore. I got a private message from one of the Admins saying she was sorry I felt that way, but they had to enforce rules to keep it a “safe” place for everyone. I didn’t respond to it. However, a few days later I tried to look for the page, and to my amusement, I can’t even find it in a search. Banned, blocked, and vilified I’m sure! Lord save me from being a Vintage Homemaker.

Deleted user April 20, 2017

lol i tried to find the group

Digital Masochist April 20, 2017

Well, you're not banned from my fanbook page!

Deleted user April 20, 2017

Kind of sounds like my jam, what's the name, if you don't mind giving it to me?

Mr. Mofo April 21, 2017

I absolutely adore a lady who can wear a dress...and a couple of pistols so she can shoot the hell out of zombies who no doubt want to rampage through her kitchen and ruin your freshly baked pies.

Evangelina Mr. Mofo ⋅ April 21, 2017

No zombies allowed in my kitchen! I'll whack 'em with a hot gravy ladle.

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