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I broke a rule of mine tonight – giving money to someone begging on the street. I’ve heard too many stories about people doing this, and then (too late) they realized the person had been scammin...

I find it rather hilarious that was I blocked from a homemaking page on Facebook. It has a vintage-theme and when I first found it, I was really enchanted by it. Loads of vintage looking photos...

I’ve been plagued with being overweight since I was about 9 years old. Dieted most of my adult life. Been up really high, and down to what I consider low for my height and body frame. Mostly,...

April 13, 2017

First entry in Evangelina's Journal

I’m trying to get the hang of the Prosebox format, so this first entry is just me testing the waters. I can’t swim (haha) so I hope I don’t drown. Rather a chilly day here today, and my husband...

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