Grateful for Lou in All other relationships

  • Dec. 26, 2013, 11:12 p.m.
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Soooo... I met Lou about 2 months ago. When George blew me off to sleep with her, I was hurt and pissed and tired of being hurt. I decided to put forth an effort to find someone else, and I did. I met Lou, right before Halloween. We have been talking every day, several times a day ever since then. We have been out a few times and he hasn't even tried to kiss me yet. He is very nice and sweet and respectful. He is a single dad... he is a widower. That kind of freaked me out to be honest when I found out that his wife just died on August 2 of this year, and less than 2 months later, he was looking for love. But he is always so nice and supportive and respectful. There have even been a few moments when I think he was kind of dropping hints about wanting more with me but I kind of responded by telling him how much I like him as a friend. He just took that all very well. Either way, we just went out earlier this week and then we wanted to go out on Christmas again. He is the one who asked me for Christmas so I didn't feel bad about that. In fact, he asks me for every date.
So... we went to the movies again and he gave me a Christmas gift. I was so touched by that!!! It was so sweet and I didn't have anything for him. I gave George a stocking full of little gifts and as usual, he got nothing for me. I didn't have anything to give to Lou. Lou got me this pretty bracelet. He said he noticed that I like to wear jewelery so he got that for me. I'm pretty sure that it's probably one of those cheap $5 bracelets that were on display at Walmart but I don't care about that at all!!! It's the fact that this man thought enough of me at Christmas time to buy a gift, wrap it and give it to me. In fact, he even tried to help me put it on. It just reinforces to me how very lucky I am to have found this gem of a man. He is a single dad who works and goes to school. All of those things are mirrored of my own life. I'm not one to compare one person to the next, but I can't help but to compare him and George. George is not only always trying to get into my pants, but he isn't above begging for it. Lou hasn't even kissed me. George says how much respect he has for me. Lou shows me how much respect he has for me. George always talks about all the other women he wants to be with yet I know he's only with 1 other woman right now. Lou never talks about other women (other than his dead wife) and I don't think he's with anyone else. I really think I have stopped caring so much about George. I'm pretty sure Lou has a lot to do with that. I am def not in love with Lou by any stretch. But I know I really like him a lot. I know if things continue like this with Lou, I could really see me falling in love with him. For now, I really do consider myself to be one lucky woman to be this mans friend!

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