I'm going to try just being thankful. in OCD George

  • Dec. 24, 2013, 3:43 a.m.
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I just got an idea. In order to deal with the sadness I feel over George, I'm going to start posting something I am grateful for every day. Every time I start feeling sad about George, I'm going to redirect my energy to whatever I am grateful for that day. Today I am grateful for my new friend Lou who has been helping me to get over George. I actually met Lou about 6 weeks ago when George originally hurt me so deeply. It wasn't the first time George had hurt me but it cut to the quick nonetheless. I decided in that moment that I needed to get over him. So I went looking to find someone else to help me ease some of that hurt. I found Lou pretty quickly and we have been talking every day since then. He is a great man and he is sweet and he is respectful. He doesn't know anything about George actually. But he has been helping me to forget about George every day. Kudo's to Lou. Thank you god for sending Lou into my life!

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