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  • Dec. 2, 2015, 8:34 p.m.
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So… apparently, I’m writing almost every day. I suppose with work being so immensely fucked.. it makes sense.

Speaking of work being immensely fucked… I’ve started looking around at firms to sue my employers. I likely won’t… but they are genuinely ONE move away from it. Lets recap:
(1) There is no security or safety measures in place making the workplace an extremely dangerous area… but “hazard pay” has been laughed at with the explanation “there is no inherent danger in (our) work area.”
(2) I’ve been working consistently 40 or more hours for over two months. I’m still listed as a PART TIMER. Therefore, I receive no medical benefits, paid vacation, accrued sick leave or anything else that a full timer would receive. By legal definition, my employer is committing wage theft.
(3) When I was hired in 2012; I was told I would be receiving $30 per shift in Pretrial. Now, 4 years later… with no evaluation or re-contracting… I am being told my pay will go down to $26 per shift in Pretrial. That is most certainly actionable.

So… why aren’t I suing them immediately? Because I’m waiting to see how they play out this “justify your hours bullshit.” IF “justify your hours” translates into someone looking at my Hours Worked and saying “I disagree, this shouldn’t have taken two hours. We’re only paying for one.” THEN? THEN this office will drown in ink, choke on red tape, and be sliced to ribbons by the amount of paperwork I will levy against them! If they flat-out refuse to pay me for hours I’ve worked… that will be item #4. And item #4 will have me instantly calling every Employment Attorney I know… which is a lot… and I will bring this corruption down to its knees.
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All of this work stuff is directly fueling my view that this country is beyond past due for a genuine revolution. As seen in this conversation
Work Crush: it sounds like they are over budget at the CJC, and they’re trying to find a way to keep us from getting more so they can avoid going more over budget
Ex Co Worker 1: Maybe they should cut Boss and Boss 2 inflated budgets
Ex Co Worker 2 Boss 2 will refuse any budget cut that touches executive salaries
Ex Co Worker 1: I would ask Boss straight to his face how it is ethical to cut his subordinates pay under the guise of budget yet his stays untouched?
Me: Exactly. It is the classic issue they’ve always used us for. We have more programs but no money… give it to Pretrial! We have no more money… cut Pretrial!
I agree with your ethics statement, really. But one of the biggest bullshits about America these days (we see it in Private AND Public sectors) is “We have no money. Quick cut everyone else’s pay but mine!”
Ex Co Worker 1: It’s disgusting
Me: Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Private CEOs.... it is all the same story. “We need to protect our $400 profit. I could take 5% less salary this year; but I’d rather cut all of my employees’ salaries in half”
Ex Co Worker 1: And cutting that single persons pay saves more than cutting the pay of 5 peons
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Been trudging away today. Court from 9:00 - 10:00. Then… and here’s the fun thing… the requirement to catalog my hours intensely!
1100: RAP paperwork Prep; Fixing an Issue in Attorney Clergy with evidence and inmates
1200: Training Pedro on computer and paperwork
1330: Called Max Security Mod 14 for Last Week Catch Up
1500: Formal Counts; Stop All Movement
1550: Called Max Security Mod F for Last Week Catch Up
1710: Called Max Security Mod G for Last Week Catch Up
1830: RAP Interviews (going to each Housing Unit, walking amongst the convicts, and interviewing specific people… yeah, no safety issues here.... which of course took 2 full hours).
2030: STILL have to call Mods in.. so I’ll be here later than planned.

Man, I hate this job. And I’ll tell you something… the job and the perspective it forms really fucks with my ability to believe in Hope and affects my personal faith as well. So many people say, “Something is bound to come along. You’re hard working, polite, professional; any employer would be lucky to have you work for them.” And… I’ll admit… I am a workhorse and employers would be lucky to have me. But I’m starting to doubt that “something is bound to come along.” That “something” certainly hasn’t come along for a lot of people I now see day to day. And, sadly, it affects my faith. “God has a plan; he’s probably preparing you for something big. There’s great things in your future just trust God.” Really? Because I honestly feel like I’ve mad a ton of bad choices… all leading me to this shitty job, horrible debt, and no job offers. I see a lot of people every day now who are masters of bad choices… God certainly hasn’t miraculously intervened to set their lives straight… why would I be different?”
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Recently, my wife and I were both lamenting some of the worst elements of living in Omaha. Namely… people are loud, entitled, ignorant, rude, boorish, and largely unpleasant. I suggested, because my experience is largely with Criminals, that the High School drop out rate may have something to do with it. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL DOESN’T IMMEDIATELY MAKE YOU A BAD PERSON! But… there is a lot to be said about the effects of dropping out especially as compared to a community-wide issue of dropping out.
In that vein I did some research. NOW it is important to note that these statistics ONLY cover individuals who started High School and dropped out. It does not cover the individuals that dropped out before High School (many of whom I see in court. Seriously… what compelled you to drop out of school after 6th Grade? Are you kidding me?)
Anyway, in 2011: the Omaha Public High School system reported a Drop Out Rate of 27.1% as opposed to back home; with a reported Drop Out Rate of 3.2%.
The statistical comparison alone is startling… but when you do a comparison of actual bodies? I couldn’t find the specific numbers there. But… using an admittedly flawed and wholly speculative model. Omaha’s Population: 434,353. Home’s Population: 61,255. Again, I admit this is irresponsible math (though class size would certainly help to explain the drop out rate).... if we look at percent population of those areas specifically… 27.1% of 434,353… that is 117,710 approximately. Looking at what 3.2% of 61,255… 1960 approximately. NOW to try to figure out statistical concept between those two. Darnit… Math is important… and I’m not good at it, lol. Ultimately… I’m saying that there might be some value in my theory that part of why Omaha seems so much more filled with loud, entitled, ignorant, rude, boorish, and largely unpleasant people has to do with an education problem.

Of course… I have to admit that is corollary. People here may just be assholes… or it may have something to do with living in a city that has half a million people and a big Gang Violence problem. Or it could have something to do with a government that “taxes like Liberals and spends like Libertarians.” Who really knows. All I’m saying is… I had a theory and I researched it. And yeah… Omaha… your Drop Out rate suuuuuuucks.
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Pinkerton December 03, 2015

Yeah, drop out rates are largely correlated with poverty which is often concentrated in large cities as opposed to small ones. Regardless, it's a shame that so many people drop out.

Always Laughing December 06, 2015

I hope they don't screw you more, but if they do. I say sue their pants off.

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