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  • May 24, 2015, 2:10 p.m.
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I wrote my fam an email everyday one what I did so I’m just gonna c/p it here

Subject: Day 1
we basically walked the entire ship and drank at different bars.There are multiple bars on every floor with different themes, inside and out.

We ate first, the main buffet was open and they had a lot for me. They even have Indian options.

We checked out our room and because we were returning members we got two bottles of red wine - blah - 12 big bottles of water and 12 chocolate covered strawberries. I ate the chocolate off some.

We took a tour of the spa, which is beautiful. They tried to get us to do a weight loss treatment and kept pushing a facial on me which was like kinda rude, like is my face that bad?

We had the lifeboat drill which basically tells you how to put on the life jacket and where to go.

There’s an arcade here but luckily not many of the games was Will interested in.

When it finally took off at 4 we were at the back of the boat and I worried it being jerky but it was very smooth. The railings are really like [like up to my chest]. I wouldn’t be able to fall off unless I took a chair and climbed over board!

After all the walking and all the drinking I pretty much passed out after we saw the boat take off.

When I woke up we exchanged anniversary presents a day early cause we can’t help ourselves. I got awesome diamond earrings that match my engagement ring and necklace. I gave Will a completely wooden watch. He thought it was cool. We also booked shows and restaurants from a screen in our room. We don’t really have to go to the front desk for anything.

Then we were hungry and went to Savor. I had a really good squash panzanella salad and eggplant parm.

There’s ‘art galleries’ in the hallways for people to buy. Nice to look at, not buying it. When it was late some drunk lady just wanted to dance dance dance in the art gallery hallway and her friends dragged her away. We’ve all been drinking since at least 12 in the afternoon so some have lost their minds…

Then we had dinner again at the cirque du solei show. But the cirque show’s veg option was eggplant parm and I was already full from my first eggplant parm so I didn’t really even eat the dinner. The show was AMAZING. I really wished you guys were here. Sparkly jungle animal costumes - some Lion scared Will LOL. Their shows are always good but it was scary good because it’s on a small stage. I was afraid some lady would fly into the audience. Some lady was juggling tables with her feet really fast and it that went into the crowd someone would be DEAD. The only thing I didn’t like was some sparkly roach playing a violin.

After that we walked into some Fat Cats Jazz Club. Neither one of us really like jazz but we do like a live show. They didn’t only do typical jazz tho. The guy actually did the James Bond theme song in a jazzy way and that was cool.

It doesn’t sound like we did a lot but we did a lot of walking around - it’s like 17 floors here!

Subject: Re: Day 2 - Monday
When your on a low carb diet and vegetarian, breakfast is eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs. Scrambled, omelets, cheese, salsa, veggies, all types of eggs. They have all the regular stuff like bacon, sausage, cinn rolls, muffins, waffles, pancakes, fruit, etc. I just go for eggs and chocolate milk.

Oh, incase anyone was wondering, this ship has 3950 guests and 1500 in staff. That’s how big this boat is.

After breakfast we went to the spa for HOURS. There’s a big pool with jets so it’s like a Jacuzzi without being super hot. Then there’s the super hot Jacuzzi. There’s different spa rooms. Will went into the sauna, I didn’t feel like it. Then we went into the salt room. The room has a bunch of that Himalayan salt on the walls and breathing that air is supposed to be good for you. Then we went to the heated tile lounge chairs. The spa is at the front of the boat so you’re getting a good view while you’re in there.

Something about being in the spa on a boat makes your legs like jelly when you come out.

Then we went out on deck and played mini golf. We both cheated but he won… we also people watched on the main pool deck. The DJ was having people doing the theme dances like the cupid shuffle, etc. And drinks - it’s hot. I dunno where we are in the ocean but it’s hot.

Then we went to the Burger Bar. It’s not a specialty restaurant but it had a make your own burger bar which I was dying to try. I put guac, horseradish, jalepeno’s, onions, sriacha slaw, just everything on the burger. it was good. And we learned a new drink - Miami Vice.

Then it was time to pass out. I try to take naps in the middle of the day so I can stay up later!

Then tonight was the night that you take fancy pictures. So we got some shots. They have a photo shop where you can see / buy the pictures you take. We just didn’t go there yet.

Then we went to a salsa dance class - it was really fun but it’s like the room had no AIR! We were so HOT I sweated my hair out doing all that. I got some basic steps but I can’t spin if my life depended on it.

Then we went to the French Le Bistro for dinner. It was our anniversary after all and Will thought this was the fanciest place to take me. And it was fancy and everyone’s nice. I had a veggie napoleon and then a chocolate napoleon for dessert. It was all good.

There was a party we coulda gone to at night but Will was tired, and me too, so we went to bed.

Subject: Re: Day 3 - Tuesday

Moderno brazilian buffet and ate outside.

After breakfast they showed a demo on towels animals since we get towel animals in the room. They’re hard. They even had a DVD to show how to make em. Every entertainment thing is selling a DVD about it.

We went and saw the ship shops today. They have a lot of jewelry and watches. Will looked at a lot of watches.

Then we went to the spa again. For some reason yesterday 1 part of my back hurt. Who hurts their back on vacation? But I put the jets on my back a lot in the not-so-hot Jacuzzi and my back feels 100% normal now. Will blames the bed, he says it’s hard. I don’t think so. He made me go under some hard fountain, I didn’t want to but he was blah blah blahing about it so I did and it was too hard and I got my hair all wet so I was like NOW you have to wait for me to do my hair before we go out.
We also went in the sanitarium for a WHILE - really opens up your pores and lets you see all your blackheads. The sauna is just hot but the sanitarium has humid - where you put the water on the hot stones and makes heat.

So after getting my hair all wet and sweaty we went back to the room so I could fix it. Will went down to the buffet and got me pizza - what diet?

Then we played some video/arcade games. I beat him in darts and bowling. He beat me in the basketball game.

In the main place there was a family scavenger hunt type game, we watched it for like 10 minutes then moved on to the outside deck for sun and drinks and to dip our feet in the pool. I got most of my sun dresses from Wal-Mart at different times but I get a lot of compliments on them.

We went to a noodle bar that we had been interested in for a while but it was SO busy that the service was crap even though the food was good. They totally forgot Will’s entrée and we had to remind them. Then they forgot both our desserts so we just left [it’s complementary so we don’t pay anything] and went to a different place for dessert. Diet who?

We finally got to see the comedy show Will wanted to see. It was an improve show and it was really funny. I always go into those improve things not expecting much but it really was funny.

Then we went to a hibachi. At least I got the veggie tofu and pretty much didn’t eat the fried rice - but they also had green tea ice cream, cake and a cashew brittle. The cashew brittle was really good - even though I hate stuff stuck in my teeth.

Will actually said we need to drink more water because we basically have chocolate milk with breakfast and then drink all day. So we’ll try and make an effort to drink more water tomorrow in BERMUDA. We’re finally gonna be there! We scheduled an early morning bus tour and once we see the whole island - it’s only 21 miles wide, then we’ll probably hit up the shopping district and beach.

Subject: Re: Day 4 - Wed

Well we reached Bermuda - we’re in a different time zone, we’re an hour ahead now.
we FINALLY got on the island and got to the bus for our 5 hours island tour. Of course I had to pee by that time!!
Our driver was DJ Smooth Operator.

When we finally started driving around it was so beautiful I was like - I wanna move here.

We first went to the Gibbs light house where I basically just waited online to pee and then we had to go. I did take pictures while on the bathroom line. The driver gave everyone a leaf off some plant that smells like clove. Will really liked the smell. He kept smelling it the whole ride.

Then we went to the Hamilton shopping area where I got a pressed veggie sandwhich - it was good, lots of avocado and pesto and Will got a Cuban. We’ve have no Bermudian food since we got here LOL. We also went to the ST. George shopping area. No one returned to the bus at the right time and I was getting so pissed. At one stop he said we had 30 mins to look around and some couple didn’t come back for an hour and just held the tour up. IDIOTS. I wanted to punch their old teeth down their old throats. The bus tour was mostly old people.

We went through some fancy rich gated area where the driver said Michael Douglas is always there on his estate. Oooh.

I picked up some slang. Instead of saying that’s ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’ you say : That’s sharp.
And instead of saying ‘I look hot’ you can say: ‘I look dandy’.

There are no squirrels or raccoons in Bermuda but we did see wild chickens [with babies] and the driver said that’s their rodent. They knock over trash cans and eat your garbage. We saw ducks and little brown birds [same like in NJ] but they came closer to people than NJ ones do and some big tall standing bird. Dunno what it was. He also said rats/mice hang out in trees and they have 2 inch black flying cockroaches like we have mosquitos when it get hot. And they land on you.

I’m never living here.

He did almost smash someone on a moped into a stone wall - and he was like ‘I just gave him a breezer’. I guess cause we were so close the breeze musta been terrifying for that guy. That guy Was in the middle of the road being weird tho.

Then it took a turn and he was kinda complaining saying min wage is $17 an hour but everything is so expensive that they all have more than one job. A fixer upper house starts at $450,000 and a vw beetle that might be $30,000 in the states is $68,000 here. You can only have small cars and you can only import brand new cars to Bermuda - not used ones and every house can only have 1 car. No space on the tiny island for more.

Also that cocaine has found it’s way to the island and now there are many burglaries. Bermuda isn’t as friendly as it used to be 30 years ago… yay.

We did more shopping, went to a rum cake place and a glass blowing place.

We got back to the room and rested for a sec before dinner at the brazilian rodizio place. I know it’s all about meat but they have the best salad bars. Not just salad, they had artichokes, hearts of palm, roasted tomatoes. Unusual salad bar stuff but really good for me.

Then we went to the Rock Of Ages show which we didn’t think we’d like but we did. I don’t care if we’re gonna like it or not, if it’s being offered to us for free, we’re going. Some weird story about a hole in the wall rock bar / strip club that some corp guy was trying to shut down and turn into a foot locker. But the singing was really good. Broadway type shows here on the Breakaway.

Then we went to the Fat Cats Jazz club. I forgot to tell you guys that the last time we went the guitar guy was like - we need a saxophone player up here - and some weirdo from PA actually went up to his room and got his saxophone and played with them for a couple of songs. He was OK.

Now we’re back and that guy is back, front and center - waiting to be asked to play again. Finally he just asked if he could get his sax and play. They said OK so me and Will left. This is also after they dragged up some old guy to sing and he was like no, no I don’t wanna sing and then sang 3 songs. We didn’t come to hear this guy!

So we left and Will got some wings at the 24 hour pub.

Tomorrow will be exciting , we’re finally gonna see a pink sand beach!

Off to bed!

ninakir88 May 24, 2015

Sounds like a blast. I personally really enjoyed bermuda. Lol at a weight loss treatment on a cruise

lessoff May 24, 2015

:) sounds like you are having fun.

Katie Kizzle May 25, 2015

Sounds like a good time and that you are doing a good job with your diet! I bet you are burning so many calories with all of the walking you are doing plus the spa and dancing. We were supposed to go on a cruise to the bahamas a few years ago but right before we booked it I found out I was pregnant so we didn't go. Always love hearing people's cruise stories.

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