Saturday Shenanigans in Hello

  • July 6, 2024, 4:14 p.m.
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Went to Decatur to visit the Cook Museum of Natural Science. Some neat stuff for exhibits. Today I learned it was founded by the guy who also founded Cook’s Pest Control. Originally it was a collection of bugs he’d show to his new employees as training on what to look for. The collection grew till, well, now there is a museum.

Swung by the farmer’s market for tomatoes. Went by Cajun Steamer for lunch. Ordered the Pastalaya dish. Jambalaya with rotini noodles instead of rice. It was good but I was breathing flames by the time I finished it. Nice ‘n spicy! Got a side of crawfish etoufee that was good and spicy as well. All in all it hit all the right dopamine receptors it needed to.

Good meal, good museum visit (they had a jellyfish tank that was like watching a lava lamp) and I picked up some additional ingredients to make fajitas tonight.

A feast for royalty.

I’ve been awake all night and I’m getting tired.

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