In the Life Log - Days 110 to 111 in My Musings

  • July 6, 2024, 1:17 p.m.
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Posting for 2 days once again since we had an internet outage. As of this writing, internet has not been fully restored, but will have to do for now.

Yesterday and today were complete contrasts; to simplify:

  1. Yesterday - poor sleep quality; kept tossing and turning + had panic attacks the whole day

  2. Today - slept more than 8 hours straight; no panic attacks but felt something bad was going to happen

Yesterday’s shift was another boring one so I used the chance to do the laundry. Outside of one meeting, there was nothing else in my calendar. I contemplated once more if I should go for the external position vs the internal and decided to go for the former. I triggered my resignation in the system, and there’s absolutely no going back. The feelings are bittersweet, however. While I’m moving on to (hopefully) a better career, I am truly grateful for my current company since they trusted my capabilities well enough to merit a promotion. In addition, the people I have worked with are really great folks, even if we had our differences.

As I did my chores yesterday, most of my time today was focused on getting R&R. My body’s still feeling exhausted, likely from the leg workout. I continued to watch the Korean drama I mentioned a few days back, and got 3.5 episodes.

Nothing else to report; my mom will finally arrive home tomorrow, and just looking forward to getting more rest.

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