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  • July 1, 2024, 3:30 a.m.
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We went and picked up a few groceries yesterday. I loaded up on fresh veggies because I missed them. Heh. Nothing but canned grossness in lock up.

Chicken strips, roasted asparagus, roasted whole carrots and corn nibblets.

It was nice to get full on real food and not just bread and other starches.

Finished the three Mobile Library Mystery I got from the library. Not mysteries at all. Just a tale about a poor sap of a lad who leaves booming London to go to the North coast of Ireland to take on a librarian job in a small town. Lots of UK-ish humour in it. The last book, which my last entry is from, is a bit sad.

Last sad book I read was A Land Remembered by Patrick D. Smith which I finished on my last day in jail. That made me want to go out into the middle of the woods and camp out for a few days. (Fat chance, too hot.). Destruction of natural beauty all in the name of progress.

Something like that…ya

Edit: And as an added bonus I had some watermelon for dessert.

Last updated July 01, 2024

Ferret Mom July 02, 2024

Watermelon is a perfect summer food.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ July 02, 2024

Yes it is!

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