In the Life Log - Day 105 in My Musings

  • June 30, 2024, 1:11 p.m.
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Today was an ok day. I didn’t sleep very well again, and had about 6 hours sleep total. I think since my body’s conscious of the alarm clock sounding, I was unconsciously waking up before it sounded. Never a fan of any alarm clock’s sounds, to be honest.

I did the laundry today, and thankfully, there was not much clothing (at least compared to last week). While waiting for the clothes to wash (and subsequently dry), I started watching this Korean drama that was suggested to me entitled “Kill Me, Heal Me”. The premise is about the male lead suffering from dissociative identity disorder. While the tone/premise is serious sounding, there are a number of light/funny moments too; however, some violence is involved so I felt that a bit triggering. Around late afternoon (and early evening), I had a migraine attack once more which severely impacted my mood.

Around 6:15 p.m., we watched mass on the TV. The homily focused on the importance of having faith, and the priest urged the mass-goers to reflect on the following points: 1. We are not alone, and therefore, should not opt to take on everything by ourselves; 2. leaving everything to God not only in moments of despair, but also in “normal times; and 3. the intentions of our faith e.g., do we pray only to make ourselves look good?

It’s really been a crazy month so far, but I’m just happy to have gone through the mid-year given its difficulties. I look forward to the start of this month.

Overall rating for the day: 7/10

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