It's Good To Be King in Hello

  • June 26, 2024, 10:03 p.m.
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Grilled ribs, roasted corn and homemade mac n cheese.

All dishes done.

Legs propped up, AC going nicely, new cigar the clerk recommended and a book.

This is the life.

(I forgot to mention, mom got the AC fixed while I was locked up. New vents, completely rebuilt ductwork and brand new unit and wall with wifi thermostat. Produces much more comfort than the old tech.)

Mr. Mofo June 26, 2024

Does Alabama still have those huge anthills filled with big ass red ants?!? I saw a man be eaten alive by tripping and falling into one of those.

J.E. Mr. Mofo ⋅ June 26, 2024

If they did around here it was dug and developed. We're growing at a faster rate now. Too many folks have moved here. It kinda sucks now. The downtown park was my favorite spot on a nice day till they redid a bunch of it. Took out every single weeping willow...which the park was renowned for. Now it's a concrete haven with a little grass.

Mr. Mofo J.E. ⋅ June 26, 2024

By weeping willow do you mean those tress with droopy limbs with tiny white flowetrs??

J.E. Mr. Mofo ⋅ June 27, 2024 (edited June 27, 2024)


Bingo. They used to line the water at the park. Back in the day they used to do revivals and baptisms in the natural spring. Big Spring Park

Now it looks...touristy? A lot of construction is still going on around its surroundings and the whole of the park itself is now boxed in by a bunch of new hotels and businesses. It has lost the charm I once held for it

Palmtreesandzebras June 27, 2024

That sounds so good.

J.E. Palmtreesandzebras ⋅ June 27, 2024

It was.

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