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  • June 26, 2024, 2:14 a.m.
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Still not sleeping right. Caught about five hours this morning. NO NIGHTMARES! That was a constant on my gov funded vacation.

Today I finally got to do my banking. See, when you’re released if you have any money on your books they just issue you a refillable debit card. My original goal was to get it all transferred to my checking account but I didn’t have all the information at the time.

Paid the utility bill then saw my doc in the afternoon to draw blood for my liver check. Glad to say I’ve dropped ten pounds and my blood pressure has never been this great.

Hadn’t eaten all day and though I was hungry I’ve been conditioned to put it out of my head. I was going to grill some ribs but I had a plan later on so I ordered a pizza. I think that officially closes off my list of food I wanted when I get out. I’m still gonna tear up an all you can eat Chinese buffet but that’s later. I inhaled three slices of the pizza. That’s all I’ve had today. Think that was the right bread amount my body can process now heh.

My plan was for a walk with A. Two mile excursion in my neighborhood with the setting sun as our backdrop. With a companion that walk went a lot quicker than I was expecting. She hung out for a little longer, finally meeting my mom as well as mom finally putting a face to a person I’ve know for…twelve years now. Lawd, where’d the time go. As usual for me, we traded books (ha) and she went home as I went for my icee. Spent the rest of the night relaxed, puffing on a new cigar and gaming. In my boxers. Yeah, what’s up?!?

I did clean up just a corner of my room. But it’s a start. The…sadness accumulation…of all the rubble and junk in my room has a date with the trash bin. I’ve got an old dresser that has no clothes in it and it’s been serving as an overflowing table for books and other random crap. I’m going to get a new bookcase, take that dresser out and fix that toxic site in the corner.

I’ve started taking a pen and paper with me wherever I go to write down my to do list. Not kidding when I say I say stumble blindly into one day to the next. No plans 99% of the time. Just truckin’ on. Getting this little bit of control will help me formulate a better thinking/planning process later on down the road.

Be the change you want to be.

If you can’t think of anything nice to say to someone, make it funny.

Ferret Mom June 28, 2024

Productive, so yayy.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ June 28, 2024

I try.


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