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  • June 24, 2024, 9:19 p.m.
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Back into the rat race today. Had to take my aunt to the dealership to check on her repairs. Had some hibachi for lunch. Went to the library but alas, I couldn’t find any David Wong. I read two of his books on the inside. I was looking for John Dies At The End. The film was kooky enough. The other two in that series are great.

However I ended up checking out a stack of graphic novels cause I got comic books on the brain thanks to jail. It’d be awesome to have those floating around. Everyone would want to read the exploits of the sequential art.

I didn’t get a chance to do any of my errands. Only found out my aunt was coming down last minute. Tomorrow I suppose. Took down the old blanket over my window and installed a rod with blackout curtains. Stripped the bed down and purchased some anti kitty pee in a bottle. I’m thinking that I deep clean out what I’ve called for years my Hell Cave. My bedroom is in such a depression fueled filth that it repulses me. Change is coming.

Today I am thankful for the Earth itself. I sat in the shade, feeling a warm breeze in my face. Got lost in thought of how something simple and mundane as enjoying a quiet moment like that means to me now. I’m seeing the world through different eyes suddenly. If I hadn’t taken the renewed sense of vigor and will I felt and put up those curtains they would have sat in the package indefinitely.

So, tomorrow the bedroom and my financial errands. Wednesday? Not here yet.

Goodnight everyone.

Let’s share a laugh.

Last updated June 24, 2024

Ferret Mom June 28, 2024

It must be nice being able to go outside again.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ June 28, 2024

In laundry we were the guys who made the trash run in the morning. Taking away every floor's wheeled bin outside. We got out to a razor wired fenced in area where the dumpsters are outside. I had to stop and breathe in the air.

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