In the Life Log - Day 92 in My Musings

  • June 17, 2024, 8:27 a.m.
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Today was another good one. I did lack a bit of sleep, however, as I was always in anticipation of the alarm clock. I think I clocked in about 6.5 hours, more or less.

Since today is a holiday, I decided to go out again for a while to have my mom’s spare phone repaired via battery replacement. Thankfully, the authorized service center which I contacted had the battery on stock. The wait time took a bit longer than expected (around 4.5 hours from the projected 3-5 hours), but it was all worth it. While waiting for the time to pass, I opted to have Japanese rice bowl for lunch and had coffee after. I think it was past 6 pm when I finally called it a day; good thing there was no traffic on the way back so I was just in time for dinner and prepare my dad’s medicines.

I hit chest + shoulders + triceps. Workout was pretty good, but can still be better. The resistance bands keep rolling off my shirt, especially when I was trying to simulate an incline press. I’ll have to figure out a turnaround.

In summary, no complaints for today. Looking forward to a decent workload tomorrow.

Overall rating for the day: 10/10

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