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  • June 10, 2024, 1:22 p.m.
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I’m fat, gonna just put it out there..no not a little I’m 223 lbs. This is too much! I know what the problem is but damn… sodas are a killer for sure, that and bread…which I can find meals with no carbs that’s okay..it’s the sugar! Lol
So I figured if I talked about this openly it will be even more motivated to get my ass up and get on that damn treadmill!
Motivation here I come!! Haha!

Scott 5 days ago

Cut out soda. White sugar/junk food. Replace with fruit and real food. Focus on foods with FIBER. I did. Lost a little weight but at my age, it is harder. I DO feel better without the garbage in my system. Very little red meat if any. Wish you the best and hopefully you have an incline on the treadmill.

Lilyflower Scott ⋅ 4 days ago

Oh I am trying to cut out that crap.. baby steps though! haha
Yeah its a great treadmill, I just need to use it more often! Thanks for the advice!!

Scott Lilyflower ⋅ 4 days ago

Yeah baby steps here too. Good habits become a way of life. You are welcome and wish you a good day!

Lux Lunae 5 days ago

Carbonaut bread is awesome. I usually have it toasted, but it's ok soft in a sandwich.

Lilyflower Lux Lunae ⋅ 4 days ago

Never heard of that kind of bread, may have to check it out, thanks!

World of Bre 4 days ago

Left foot, right foot. Repeat. Eat less and move more. I lost about 60 lbs. but it took me about 18 months. I did it mostly by running. But I started by walking and built up. No magic formula. Just have to keep at it. Also you can't out exercise a bad diet. Good luck. Ypu got this!

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