In the Life Log - Day 83 in My Musings

  • June 8, 2024, 11:05 a.m.
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Today was a lazy day. I had about 7 hours of sleep, more or less, but got interrupted around the 6th hour mark because of our neighbors singing karaoke. I struggled to get some sleep after that, but thankfully was able to catch an extra hour.

Most of the day was spent lazing around. I did go to the mall earlier to take care of some errands, i.e., buying greens and some sugar-free soda as part of my diet. After that, I went home and opted to get more rest since I’m feeling exhausted from yesterday’s leg workout.

Nothing much really to report today; my grandmother cooked one of my favorite dishes and the fact that we all ate dinner together was really nice. It’s moments like these that I really treasure.

Overall rating for the day: 8/10

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