In the Life Log - Day 82 in My Musings

  • June 7, 2024, 10:31 a.m.
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Today was light, once again. I was able to get a good 8 or so hours of sleep, and I guess I was really quite tired yesterday that I dozed off while doing some scrolling at my phone. I don’t remember having weird dreams, so it’s all good.

The first half of my shift was pretty quiet. There was nothing much to do, and save for a meeting or two that went under the projected time, most of my time was spent on just browsing the internet and lazing around. Not ideal, but what do I do lol. Thankfully, I had a project catch-up call with another colleague so that at least gave me an extra hour of productivity. Also, my final interview for the internal role has been pushed back > 2 weeks; it sucks, but at least it gives me time to prep longer.

I trained legs earlier, and as expected, it pretty much whooped my ass even if some of the movements are just bodyweight. I don’t think I’ll be sore (at least than the usual), but still expecting some level of tiredness.

I’m just glad the week has finally ended. Looking forward to getting more rest tomorrow and Sunday.

Overall rating for the day: 8/10

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