In the Life Log - Day 80 in My Musings

  • June 5, 2024, 11:31 a.m.
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Today was slightly below average again. I did get some decent sleep (I think in the lines of 8 hours), and had no weird dreams. I did feel a wave of sadness come over me in the late afternoon/early evening, however.

It rained a lot earlier, which helped in making our overall feeling more comfortable. If I’m not mistaken, it lasted somewhere in the lines of 5-6 hours, which was really a welcome change. As the first part of my shift was not busy, I decided to run some errands; went to the supermarket to buy my supply of sugar-free softdrinks, worked on my existing visa application, etc.

After returning home, I had a ton of meetings waiting for me. Nothing really important, more of the same project that a colleague and I are involved in. I also decided to follow-up re: my final internal interview, as it was supposed to be tomorrow. As one of the partners has not confirmed, the date has been tentatively adjusted to a couple weeks from now, which I find a bit ridiculous.

As stated above, I had a wave of sadness fall over me again in the late afternoon. I’d like to think that the heavy rains was somewhat a trigger, but I do hope it doesn’t happen often. I’ve been informed that my elder sister’s surgery went well, so that is a win.

Overall rating for the day: 6/10

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