In the Life Log - Day 68 in My Musings

  • May 24, 2024, 12:56 p.m.
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Today was a bit more busy than usual. I woke up to the sound of my Outlook notification - 15 minutes before my first meeting, so I’m quite grateful for that, lest I would have overslept. I did have a weird dream, which was related to my internal application. No panic attacks or waves of sadness, however, so I’m still grateful.

The meetings earlier primarily focused on SharePoint site creation. As my colleague and I really did a good job in creating the site for our wider team, we have somehow become the go-to folks. While it’s flattering to some extent, some level of annoyance is felt from my end because what initially started as a volunteering initiative turned out this way. Sure, there’s work to be done (which is better than nothing at all), but it’s still a distraction at best while we wait for actual work to come in. Not to mention that the teams’ timelines can be quite steep, sometimes even becoming demanding.

I hit legs earlier, and being a Friday night, there were not much people in the gym. I was able to breeze through my routine earlier and had a good pump as well. Squats continue to whoop my ass, however. Cardio was ok; just glad that this week’s routine is finally done.

It’s finally the weekend. I’m just looking forward to laze around so I can give my mind and body some R&R.

Overall rating for the day: 8/10

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