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  • April 3, 2024, 10:28 p.m.
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I’ve got sensitive skin so I’m very prone to getting rashes. I now have one on the lower corner of my stomach and it itches bad. This is why I wear a tank top under a regular shirt because the belt will rub against my skin and I’ll break out. It’s how I got a friggin’ staph infection back in ‘07. First time I ever got the antibiotic shot in the ass. Lawd that sucked.

Anywho, food stuff. I’m making chicken enchiladas with green chilies tonight. Anyone hungry?

fjäril April 03, 2024

I usually wear a tank top under my other shirts too, but I think it's more of a sensory thing.

RueMorgen April 03, 2024

Hungry here! Enchiladas sound fantastic.

SambucaofDoom April 04, 2024

I break out in hives usually cos my skin is freckled? Cos I'm a redhead? So.. I hear ya on the sensitive skin thing. Mmm... enchiladas!! I'm so in!

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