GYN, Rhonda in The 2020s

  • April 3, 2024, 3:16 p.m.
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Tom just left to give plasma because my GYN appointment, which we were going to leave for now, has been canceled. My GYN had to go on medical emergency leave until September. Wow! Must be something pretty bad. As curious as I am, I didn’t ask, of course, because I know it’s none of my business. My guess is that it could be connected to COVID-19 or a bad accident.

It’s very windy out now, and I’m hoping that the inevitable thunderstorms to come don’t extend into my bedtime. We’re still bombing the place tomorrow while we go to our eye exams.

FINALLY heard from Rhonda. She said she recommends treating the sleep apnea and seeing a pulmonologist and that the lab order she gave me in February contains thyroid orders so I could just go to the lab. I told her that at this time I’m getting more confident that it’s on the sleep apnea and not the thyroid and that if anything, I have to cut my waiting time between taking the pill and eating because it’s accumulating and I’m getting very warm and my heart is racing which seems to happen every 10 weeks or so. I told her I’ve seen a pulmonologist, tried a CPAP, and couldn’t tolerate it so we just ordered an OTC mouthguard that juts the lower jaw out and if that doesn’t help I’ll ask her about an ortho.

I cut my waiting time to 15 minutes today.

We’ve got winds of over 20 mph, yet some idiot is blowing the party girl’s driveway. Who would do such a dumb thing?

Both of the honker’s flags are now down. He’s never taken them down for storms before that I know of. So I hope he’s leaving soon and not teasing me, lol. I just want him, his howling mutt, and his motorcycle out of here.

Finally made it to Ohio. I’ll be riding through there for a while.
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toddslife April 04, 2024

It’s very windy out here to been raining for 2 days and cold 41 f feels like 37 f right know

Mystery toddslife ⋅ April 04, 2024

It's been warm here. The storm is over but there's still a bit of wind.

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