Two in a row in These titles mean nothing.

  • April 2, 2024, 12:38 a.m.
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Today’s frequently used words -

*the always am america cookies didn’t eat even good he just last lot lovett mccloy meacham my not often policy president right secretary should six sugar thing things think two up us war wise work year

*the Asterisk to mark the beginning

always is what comes after now

am is what I .... am

america is where we are luckily and damned all at once

cookies are and aren’t good all at once

didn’t only not because I did

eat the cookies, first the sugarless than the sugar ones

even is one of those modifiers

good is how they taste

he could be anyone but probably isn’t

just is another modifier almost a cousin of even

last is what the cookies didn’t

lot is a piece of land on which to build a house, and other things

lovett not lyle, but who?

mccloy was one of Truman’s wise men

meacham Jon the hero of last night’s youtube

my is the silly things I think I own

not is a negative modifier

often is not seldom which is how often discouraging words were heard on the on the prairie in the song - what song? song of country school we sang it every Friday afternoon in country school.

policy is an interesting word, I need to look it up, it’s a plan, a method, a contract with an insurance company

president is an administrator elected or not, someone with policies

right is the opposite of wrong, and other things as well

secretary is an administrative assistant, a helper who is neat and discreet

should is a statement of what is right and necessary

six is the number between five and seven

sugar is sweet and unnecessary and sometimes dangerous

thing is one

things are more than one

think is what happens between our ears and behind our eyes, senses interpreted and stored

two is more than one and less than three

up is above rising skyward

us is we as objects not subjects

war is cruel and expensive and painful and wrong

wise is what we wish we were

work is effort with effect

year is a major unit of time, a way we count our lives, a block of history

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Jinn April 02, 2024


gattaca April 02, 2024

"cookies are and aren’t good all at once"

I completely agree. 😁

NorthernSeeker 7 days ago

I had what can only be described as a carb binge yesterday...four iced cinnamon buns!!

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