In the Life Log - Day 14 in My Musings

  • March 31, 2024, 11:29 a.m.
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Happy Easter! Today is a day of rejoicing, as Catholics all over the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This festive event reminds us that light will always triumph over darkness, and proves again that God has the last word.

My sleep last night was a bit meh compared to the past couple days; I got about 7 hours of sleep, 6 of which were straight. As I was trying to get a bit more zzzzz’s, one of our neighbors decided to crank up the stereo; that removed any chances of me getting back to sleep at all.

Since today is Easter, today’s activities were: 1. sharing a nice meal over lunch with my parents and grandma; 2. getting a haircut; and 3. going to mass. My grandma cooked one of my favorite dishes, and I sure ate heartily. I had to leave home earlier than usual, however, since I wanted to catch the Easter mass near my place, while still getting a haircut in. While it’s shy of a month since I went to the barber, I reckoned having my hair cut once again is also symbolic of celebrating life anew.

The church was jam-packed as usual, and its chaplain was the celebrant. In the homily, the priest focused on the past - we cannot neither change it nor our experiences; we can only learn from it in the hopes of becoming a better person. That left me further thinking - in the past couple weeks, what lesson was life trying to teach me? I guess the answer will come in due time.

As the priest gave his final blessings, he also said one more thing - that is, to learn how to forgive one’s self. God is aware of all our shortcomings, but continues to accept us, nonetheless. Needless to say, that part made me weep again after the mass. The past couple weeks have really been hard and finding fault towards myself / self-blaming has been a recurring theme. Healing and self-forgiveness will take time - I can only pray that the Almighty grants me the strength to get through each day.

Overall rating for the day: 6/10

Last updated March 31, 2024

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