It's A Warm One in Hello

  • March 31, 2024, 12:10 a.m.
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I turned on the oven to make some baked beans with dinner. Mom got the brilliant idea to turn on the dryer. It’s pretty toasty in here now.

Got chicken on the grill and creamed corn on the stove. Dessert either cheesecake or a small banana split.

Y’all come eat!

Nevertheless March 31, 2024

that sounds delicious! I love banana split.

J.E. Nevertheless ⋅ March 31, 2024

Me too!

❤️vee March 31, 2024

I'm totally coming over for dinner!

J.E. ❤️vee ⋅ March 31, 2024 (edited March 31, 2024)



I was trying out a new marinade I got at Walmart. Turned out damn good.

ladyc March 31, 2024

this sounds delish. cream corn is a personal fave !

J.E. ladyc ⋅ March 31, 2024

Same! Sweet cream corn. I mixed some in with the beans so I got a nice salty/sweet mix.

WildflowerHeart March 31, 2024

Oooo sounds delicious. We tried a new chinese buffet today, and it wasn't bad. The previous people in that location just sucked and every time I ate there, I got sick.

J.E. WildflowerHeart ⋅ March 31, 2024

Hopefully this was better

WildflowerHeart J.E. ⋅ March 31, 2024

It was, but overall, it's not truly authentic Chinese food, but the closest thing to it here unless you go to PF Chang's which according to the DH is not bad, considering he's the sole expert on Chinese in the house... he is Chinese after all and grew up in NYC so he's probably right

Ferret Mom March 31, 2024

I don't think I've eaten creamed corn in years, and now I want some.

J.E. Ferret Mom ⋅ March 31, 2024

Oh it was delicious!

It was; n a whim at the grocery store I picked up a can now I won't go back lol

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