Who Ya Gonna Call? in Hello

  • March 28, 2024, 8:20 p.m.
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Went to see Ghostbusters Frozen Empire today. It was really good! The post credit scene was hilarious. Spoilers, the little Stay Puft marshmallow men steal a semi truck shipping Stay Puft Marshmallows.

I went to Barnes and Noble after and found a $10 Blu-ray of Gone With The Wind. Four hour long flick, gonna have to take multiple breaks to watch that. When I got home I mowed the front lawn. The sun was setting and a cool breeze was upon the air. Felt nice as I got sweaty. Only down side is the arthritis in my right hand is killing me now. It’s in my index finger down to the knuckle in the hand.

I’ve been thinking on what the counselor and I talked about last night. The chances of another relapse, the trauma and all that. As he said, and he specified heavily he’s not certified yet, that things won’t get better in my head till I really address those issues with some more intense therapy. With all the years I have been in therapy I’ve gotten better in my day to day life but things still come up that bring me to a complete stand still.

Still have two more library books to read before the due date next week. Two more westerns I’ll plow through in a day or two.

Tomorrow mom wants to go to the family plot and put flowers on the graves. The cemetery used to be out in the middle of nowhere but now is surrounded by subdivisions. Kinda takes away from the aesthetic to me.

Dunno, I’m just rambling.

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