In the Life Log - Day 9 in My Musings

  • March 26, 2024, 12:19 p.m.
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Another instance of not sleeping well the night prior. It’s been.. about 3 consecutive evenings and I worry the trend would continue. I’ve also had a mini-episode of a panic attack. I hope the incoming long weekend will provide me some much-needed rest.

Work today was busier than usual. I expected my shift to be on the lighter side like yesterday since everyone’s getting ready for the said long weekend. Surprisingly, work began to pile up on the 2nd half (which is a good thing), so I was able to be productive for a change. It’s starting to get hotter and humid, however, which gave me a headache in the process.

My workout today went pretty good too. I was able to hit decent numbers for my back (focused on the lats) while maintaining the mind-muscle connection. Working out really does wonders in silencing the intrusive thoughts, but it’s another matter as I wind down for the day.

Overall rating for the day: 4/10

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